Wednesday, February 13, 2013

60 Quick Baby Knits

60 Quick Baby Knits: Blankets, Booties, Sweaters & More in Cascade 220 Superwash

This book sure does have a little bit of everything!  With 60 amazingly adorable projects, I cannot touch on them all.  I am going to point out what I consider to be the highlights of the collection:
  • #2: Sheep Hat - This is the pattern that got me to request the book from the library.  The wooliness of the sheep is created by a trinity stitch, and the sheep head and tail are knit separately and then attached.  This is amazingly cute, and something I know I'll need to knit in the future.  
  • #3: Sporty Cardigan - This is a a simple unisex striped cardigan, but it is so darling and classic that it deserves mention here.  
  • #5: Fan Stitch Blanket - A beautiful ginkgo leave shaped fan pattern over a baby blanket.
  • #13: Textured Stripes Hat - An earflap for your toddler is fun, but I never thought about mixing stripes and a checkerboard ribbing before.  This is still a really simple pattern, but it gives the finished garment some nice dimension. 
  • #17: Flowered Jumper - I happen to love little knit dresses.  This has some very simple colorwork to create little flowers and sripes at the top and bottom of the dress.  The vibrant colors are part of what really make it sing.
  • #26: Boatneck Pullover - What a darling little cabled sweater!  This would work for every day or as a dress up sweater for your little guy.  
  • #35: Porcupine Blanket - This is too cute to being describing.  The stripped baby blanket has little procupines walking on 3 of the stripes.  This almost deserves to be decoration!  The porcupines are set up with Intasia and the using french knots they are made "spiney"
  • #53: Tiny Tux - Who isn't a sucker for a baby in a little tuxido?  Well this faux cardigan has a white shirt, black vest and red bow tie!  To die for.  
  • #60: Bobble Beanie - I love colorwork baby hats.  This has some intersting cables, diagonal colowrok stripes, bobbles and checkerboard.  This would knit up so fast and would be great to use up any yarns you have laying around.  If the book weren't due back at the library right now, I would cast on immediately!  
I know that this is a book produced by a yarn company, but I happen to love the concept that all of the projects in the book can be knit out of the same yarn.  It would make a great gift for a knitter with an assortment of amazing worsted weight colors.  

This is not a great book for beginners because there are no "how to knit" instructions, but with the internet I'm not sure how many people go to books to learn nowadays anyway.  Many of the patterns are appropriate for beginners who know how to do the basic stitches.  I love the tabs to make it easy to open.