Sunday, May 19, 2013

Surprise Turtles

Guess what?  I'm pregnant with my first child!  Our little Chirphead is due in October 2013.

For Christmas 2011, Keith gave me a yarn sampler as a gift.  Each month I got a booklet with some ~10 yard miniskeins of different types of yarn about to go on clearance.  One month there was a sample of Araucania Tolhuaca Cotton yarn and it was so soft I couldn't stop touching it.  I knew that this was the yarn I wanted to use for my future baby blanket (purchased well before we were expecting!), so I ordered enough for a blanket plus two extra balls for bibs.  When I finally found out that I was pregnant, I was thrilled to pull out the green yarn to knit up a little bib to give Keith for his birthday (which was within a few weeks of us finding out we were pregnant.)  

Down Clover Laine has some amazing bib patterns and most of them are free.  Unfortunately, I got my heart set on the Turtle Love pattern which is only available through the purchase of a Peaches and Cream Pattern Booklet.  I couldn't bring myself to spend $12 for one pattern (especially when there was no verification on the website about what patterns I would receive with that booklet), so I recreated the bib looking at the images from the pattern page.

I calculated 37 stitches for across the bib.  I used the short row instructions from the Stretch Bib to set it up. After making the turtle heart design + a few rows, I continued on at row 69 (on the RS) of the Stretch instructions.  The version I created isn't exact, but I think it successfully preserves the turtle love of the original design! 

I decided that it would be faster to make crochet chains rather than iCord chains that I did on the other two bibs I've made.  I used a size H hook.  I just did a single chain and then cut the tie.  

The yarn is a little less soft than it was on the sample card.  I'm a little worried because this is the yarn that I plan on using for my baby blanket!   I hope that with some handling or maybe even a wash that it will soften up.  The Araucania Tolhuaca Solid (color 1203) only had 94 g in the ball of yarn to start. 37 g remained when I was done with the bib (so the bib consumed 57 g).  

I wet blocked (lightly) the bib. I know that I will likely wash it before the baby comes, but I wanted to finish it properly for now.  I am really excited because this is the first project I have knit for my future child WHILE  that child was growing inside me.  (I knit a few items when we started trying to get pregnant.)  It is safe to say that you can expect to see many more baby knit items coming up here on ChemKnits.  


  1. OH MY GOODNESS!! there is nothing more exciting than a first pregnancy!!! Many congrats! Mazel Tov!

    You WILL teach the little Chirphead, Chemistry etc, right???? mine are quite proficient at it haha...true that.

    .....lots of good wishes to you

  2. Thank you, everyone! We are very excited :) And Yes, we will teach Chirphead knitting and chemistry, no matter what gender.

  3. Best wishes to you both, knit on !

  4. Congratulations! Happy Baby Knitting!

  5. OMG that's so exciting! :D

    And that reminds me, I have a handful of pregnant friends, I'm behind on my baby blankets... Never thought of knitting bibs, I'll have to look into that!

    That turtle is freaking adorable. :)

  6. Congratulations!

    Knit everything you can now, babies do not like it when you hold them and try to craft at the same time, at least mine didn't :)


    1. I'm hoping that the Moby wrap will let me get a little knitting in every once in a while... but I'm very aware that the crafting will take the back seat for a while. I'm working hard now to make sure there is plenty of ChemKnits content once the baby is here. (Yes, I'm planning a "maternity leave" from my blog!)

  7. I am so happy for you!!! God's many blessings upon you and your new bundle.


  8. Congratulations, wonderful news.

  9. Thank you so much everyone for the congratulations and good wishes. I am so excited and can't wait to share the other things I've knit for our little Chirphead with you!