Thursday, July 2, 2015

Another Dress for Millie

When I finished Millie, I just whipped up a simple single colored dress for her.  But there were a number of awesome dresses and outfits in the eBook (well, the full printout of the ebook that I received in class with Susan B. Anderson.)  I'm finally taking the chance to make a second outfit for my Millie doll plus a tiny little shawl.

I pulled out my size 5 DPN's and Shine Sport in French Blue (14 g, 31 yards), Black (4 g, 11 yards) and Dandelion (14 g, 31 yards).

Looking at the striping patterns on the sample dolls, I could see that the striped dress is a little longer than the non-striped version, a feature that I like.  The plain dress isn't too short (I mean, Millie IS a doll), but I'd like there to be a little more difference between the two.

After I finished Millie's striped dress, I realized that I wanted to add another piece to her outfit, a shawl.  The shape is that of a basic triangular shawl that I've knit many times.  This, however, is going to be the fastest shawl that I've knit in a long time!

I didn't really want to block a shawl for a doll, but the shape wasn't quite perfect enough for me.  I stretched it long and thin so that it would have an easier time wrapping around the doll without being too tight (I hope.)  I couldn't be bothered to find my pins so I just stretched it into shape and laid it flat.

Finally the blocked shawl was dry, so I tried it straight on Millie with her old dress:

... and on her new dress:

Millie and her two outfits were an entire stashing busting project!  It feels good to have enough colors to make as complete as a doll and her wardrobe.  Maybe I need to add some more to my stash...  wait, this was the type of thought that got my stash out of control in the first place!