Friday, December 18, 2015

A Beatles Themed Baby Shower!

A close friend of mine, Laura, had a baby this fall and over the summer my family threw her a baby shower.  We asked Laura if there was a theme she would like and she replied, "The Beatles."  Now, there is a lot of Beatles stuff out there but at first I struggled to come up with some ideas that would make a cohesive theme.  I was tasked with the decorations (no food planning for me) so I started researching Beatles Baby Shower ideas on pinterest.

There are two main things I did to make the theme as Beatles as possible: 1) I made three different Beatles Banners and 2) I created origami flowers out of Beatles sheet music.  Unfortunately I'm not sharing any of the banners I created for this party in this post.  I used a lot of copyrighted art and would not feel comfortable sharing that without permission.  Hopefully the designs that I share will inspire you to create your own banners.

For the first banner, the one you would see when you entered the venue, I chose a simple round shape that is similar to something I found on Pinterest.  I downloaded a free Magic Mystery Tour Font and since I wanted to make the text psychedelic I learned how to make gradient letters in PowerPoint.

The second banner is very psychedelic.  I used the same Mystery Magical tour Font (but in white without a shadow) and every Beatles themed piece of artwork I could find.  I made some of the backdrops using yellow submarine, strawberry and walrus clip art, some album covers and then some other fan art.  "Blue Harvest" was the en utero nickname for the baby, his legal name isn't Blue.

The third sign was just a little piece of fun.  If I had access to baby photos of the parents and older siblings-to-be then I would have used those in the portholes, but instead I wrote their names.  Keith helped me a lot with this banner.  He expanded some clip art that I found to have 5 windows and then made it higher resolution so we could print it over multiple pieces of paper.  I then taped the submarine together and hung it in the party room.

I have already shared with you how I created the sheet music origami flowers and now I can share with you how we used them! We placed multiple clusters on the large party table and also scattered them around fireplace mantles and the food tables.

Not shown is the big sister-to-be collecting an enormous bouquet of these flowers to take home!  I'm excited that some of them are still in a vase in the home of the new baby.

"Here comes the son!" was a theme of the party since Laura was expecting a little boy.  (This little boy is simply amazing! Lucky loves him so much and constantly requests to see pictures of him.)  I wasn't in charge of food but did help pick out the cake theme, based on the yellow submarine clip art used in two of the banners above.  

Finally, I sneaked a baby book into the decor.  Laura gave me the book Rocker Babies Wear Jeans at my baby shower and there is an Abbey Road scene that is perfect for a Beatles Baby shower.  I used a plate stand and had it sit on the beverage table.  

I had a blast helping to plan this shower!  Hopefully some of these ideas will help you in planning a Beatles themed party in the future.