Sunday, September 23, 2018

Weekly Round Up - A New Year

The holidays are all around us, and with this comes a lot of reflection.  It is a new year for the world and for ChemKnits.  Truthfully this has been a week of looking forward and looking back.  I've started wrapping up and shipping Mystery Surprise Yarn packages while filming videos for the ChemKnits Chanukah Special.

I really wish that I could share spoilers for the yarns that will be included in the Chanukah Sampler, but I don't want to ruin the surprise for people who are going to be opening up miniskeins with the release of the videos.  It is really fun to try some of my favorite techniques on new yarn types.  Different yarn blends absorb colors slightly differently, but all of the colorways are absolutely spectacular!  Don't worry, the Chanukah Special will be available to everyone, and I'm excited to show what the re-skeined miniskeins look like next to the full skeins of yarn.

What else is coming up this year?  I'm working on the beginning of a monthly dye-a-long!  I'm going to pick something as the inspiration each month and then we'll see how everyone interprets this.  I think this is going to be a fantastic way to celebrate the anniversary of Dyepot Weekly!  Keep an eye out on Instagram and Facebook for more details.

I'm so excited to finally share the video on my solar dyeing yarn project.  The final colors are absolutely stunning.  When you layer dye, water, vinegar, and yarn in a jar and set it outside, you allow the colors to absorb to the fiber really slowly.  This can allow colors to break, but also to get a lot of fantastic coverage.  Want more white in the yarn?  Try adding more acid so the colors strike faster.  I'd love to do this again while just adding dye to the top of the jar to see how far it will spread.

I had wanted to write about Dyeing Yarn with Highlighters for this round up, but realized that there is enough content there for that to be its own post.  I hope to recap all of that later this week.  The holidays mean fewer school days for the kids, and therefore fewer work days for me.  I have gotten a ton of editing done this week, so I'm happy that has been productive.