Sunday, November 7, 2021

2021 KnitPicks Big Sale - Predictions and Tracking the Awesome Deals!

The KnitPicks Big Sale starts Monday 11/8/2021 and goes through 11/24/2021! It has become a bit of a tradition for me to track the KnitPicks (and now WeCrochet) big sales every year.  In this post, I will share my predictions for what will come in the Big Sale plus I'll track the deals that come out daily.  Check back because I will keep updating this post throughout the 2021 Big Sale.  

I am a KnitPicks & WeCrochet affiliate marketer, so the links in this post are affiliate links and I do earn commissions on sales made through my links.  

Coupon Codes

There are some awesome freebies that you can get throughout the big sale: Get a Free Ebook with $50+ purchase (Code: EBOOKS21), Free Tote Bag with $100+ purchase (Code: FREETOTE21).  On KnitPicks you can get a Free Calendar with a $75+ purchase (Code: Calendar 2021) On WeCrochet you can get a Free Magazine with $75+ Purchase (Code: MAG21)  

Remember that you can only use one coupon code per purchase and each freebie is usually limited to 1 per person per website. Make sure you check the websites for full terms and conditions on the offers. 

Daily Deals Predictions before the Big Sale Begins

The Big Sale date was announced by email the weekend before it was to start.  As of 11/7/2021, here are my predictions on what we might see. Actually, maybe most of these are hopes versus predictions. What things are you hoping to see? (Note - all of these predictions are based on things we've seen in years past.) 

  • Dollar Skein Day - limited colors and yarn
  • Limited Edition Yarn!  Sometimes there are colors that were developed but not released, other times there are limited runs of new lines.  One year we even got 12 new bare yarn bases!  I really hope for some new bare yarn.
  • Free Enamel Pins with Purchase - There are usually lots of freebies with minimum purchases during the big sale.  I love getting some of these notions and for some reason enamel pins make me super happy. 
  • Free Yarn with Purchase - This is another frequent daily deal I wouldn't be surprised to see again. 
  • Big Discounts on Tools - Ball winders, swifts, yarn bowls, and/or blocking mats. 

I will be tracking all of the daily deals further down in this post.  Was I right with my predictions? 

2021 Daily Deals

It is possible that "Daily Deals" will work differently for the 2021 Big Sale than they have in the past. The "Current Deals" button on the Big Sale page leads to the general sale tab on both the KnitPicks and WeCrochet Websites.  It looks like there will be both weekly specials in additional to daily deals.  I will do my best to track them all below with the dates they're active.  

KnitPicks Big Sale Special Deals

  • WEEKLY PROMO: 11/8/21 - 11/13/21: $20 Off Palette Mini Boxes with code "20PALETTE" The palette boxes are fingering weight 100% Peruvian Highland wool that is perfect for colorwork.  Each box comes with 50 - 20 g balls of yarn for 1000 g total and retail for $99.99.  This is actually one of my favorite yarns for colorwork in the world - the first 100% wool I ever dyed was bare Palette! 
  • WEEKLY PROMO: 11/14-11/20. Use the code "BOXED21" for an extra 20% off boxed kits through 11/20/21 at 11:59 PM PST on both WeCrochet and KnitPicks
  • WEEKLY PROMO: 11/21-11/25. Extra 25% off clearance with code "CLEARNACE21" - Ends 11/25/21 at 11:59 PM PST on Both WeCrochet and KnitPicks.  Only applies to things in the "clearance" section (I think.) 

WeCrochet Big Sale Special Deals

  • WEEKLY PROMO: 11/8/21 - 11/13/21: 20% off High Desert Yarn with code "DESERT20"  High Desert is a 100% American grown and spun yarn that I haven't tried yet.  A new off white color is now available so I might pick some up to try out.
  • WEEKLY PROMO: 11/14-11/20. Use the code "BOXED21" for an extra 20% off boxed kits through 11/20/21 at 11:59 PM PST on both WeCrochet and KnitPicks
  • WEEKLY PROMO: 11/21-11/25. Extra 25% off clearance with code "CLEARNACE21" - Ends 11/25/21 at 11:59 PM PST on Both WeCrochet and KnitPicks.  Only applies to things in the "clearance" section (I think.) 

Daily Deals
  • Both KnitPicks & WeCrochet 11/9/21 - Basic Tool Pack Free with $50+ Purchase with code "TOOLPACK21" (Deal ends at 11:59 PM PST 11/9/21)  Just apply the coupon code to your qualifying order and it will automatically be added to your cart.  The tool pack seems to include a clear notions bag, scissors, needle sizing gauge, measuring tape, yarn needles, and open stitch markers.  Email with this daily deal went out at 9 AM EST, it was on the website at ~10:45 AM EST.  I did call customer service to ask about that, so I'm not sure if that helped the websites update or not!
  • Both KnitPicks & WeCrochet 11/11/21 - Dollar Deals Day! Today only get select skeins of yarn or books for $1/$3/$5, prices as marked.  There may be limits that each customer can order.  I'm not sure if different skeins are available on each website. This daily deal was up when I checked at 8:25 AM EST - so the updates may be happening earlier than the previous ones.

  • 11/13/21 - Both KnitPicks & WeCrochet: Save 20% Off Kits and Value Packs with the Code "KITSVPS21" This stacked with the bulk bare yarn discount!!!  Sale ends 11/13/21 at 11:59 PM PST and is while supplies last.  Stroll is still out of stock but I did buy 2 packs of Swish DK and may grab some others before the day is done.  If you don't need Bulk 20 packs of yarn, then you can also get some awesome samplers of dyed yarn plus there are some bare yarn sampler packs where you can try some lines at a discounted price.  

  • 11/16/21 -  Both KnitPicks & WeCrochet:  Free PomPom set with $40+ purchase using code "POMPOM21" For this deal you pick the pompom set and then apply the coupon for the discount. (Some other freebies have you just use the coupon code.)   Sale ends 11/16/21 at 11:59 PM PST.  See website for full terms and exclusions.  

  • 11/18/21 - Both KnitPicks & WeCrochet:  Buy 2 Get 3 skeins of Wool of the Andes Worsted yarn with code "B3G2".  Applies to solids and heathers only, does not include tweeds or superwash.  Limited to stock on hand. Sale ends 11/18/21 at 11:59 PM PST.  

    I did a cart test with 5 skeins each of 3 different colors and the B3G2 worked on all three. (So It worked out to B9 G6.) I'm not sure what happens if you add 10 skeins of one color.  This worked at 8:15 AM. 

  • 11/20/21 - KNITPICKS ONLY - $1 KnitPicks Patterns. Sales end 11/20 at 11:59 PST.  Limited to stock on hand, select items only and prices as marked. 

  • 11/20/21 - WECROCHET ONLY - $1 Brava Minis. Sales end 11/20 at 11:59 PST.  Limited to stock on hand, select items only and prices as marked. 

  • Deal of the day 11/22/21 Both KnitPicks & WeCrochet - 40% off Swifts and Ball Winders with Code "SWIFTY21" I use the KnitPicks Ball winder and it works really well. I have a new swift I got last year but I haven't used it yet, I'm still using my mostly broken one that I've held together with twine. I will be using it soon, though! Sale ends 11/22/21 at 11:59 PM PST.

  • Deal of the day 11/23/21 -  Free Tiny Alpaca with order of $75+ today only (deal ends 11/23/21 at 11:59 PM PST.  limited to stock on hand)  use code "ALPACA21" at checkout. The alpaca will automatically be added to your cart. I hope I get the purple one, but I'd be happy with any.  I wasn't expecting a daily deal today since we had one yesterday.  The big sale ends tomorrow, so will we see one more deal? 

  • Next Daily Deal coming soon! 

Coming soon! I'll update this sections as soon as I have more information! The Big Sale sites were first opened up at 10 AM EST on 11/8/2021 so I'm not sure if this is when all of the updates will take place.  In the past updates have come at 8 or 9 AM. 

What is my Big Sale shopping strategy?

I usually place many orders during the big sale.  Why do I spread it out?  I like to wait in case there is a daily deal which has a high order minimum so I can take advantage of the freebies while ordering yarn I wanted to order anyway.  

KnitPicks Bare yarn is always available for 15% off when you buy 20 skeins at a time.  

I typically recommend buying bare yarn that is 30%+ off during the big sale if it is a yarn you buy in bulk normally.  (Remember that the individual skein deals don't stack with the bulk discount!)  Why?  If there is a 20% off coupon for black Friday (like there has been in years past) a 20% Discount on top of a 15% off discount is a net 32% off discount.  (Math - .85*.8 = 0.68)  

If there is a yarn I buy in bulk that isn't more than 30% off for the big sale, I will wait in case there is a % off coupon code later on.  The one obvious caution - if you need the yarn and don't want it to sell out don't wait! This is a great way to get some fun freebies or daily deals that require order minimums.  

ChemKnits Picks for Best Yarn Deals in 2021

I am a yarn dyer and I source a lot of my bare yarn from KnitPicks. (Way back to the first ever 100% wool skein of yarn I dyed!) I am going to focus on talking about bare yarn lines that are the most discounted and sharing the yarn lines that are my favorites.  

The bare yarn lines I use the most in my yarn dyeing tutorials are Stroll, Swish, Hawthorne, and Wool of the Andes.  

  • Hawthorne Sock Blanks (80% Fine Peruvian Highland Wool /20% Polyamide double stranded sock blank) These blanks are 50% off!  Hawthorne is a 2 ply higher twist yarn than Stroll so there is less yardage, but the blanks dye up beautifully and I've used them a lot.  These blanks only appear to be on the KnitPicks Website.
  • Bare Chroma Twist Bulky (70% Superwash Wool, 30% Nylon) 50% off - this is another fun high twist yarn that I've used in a number of videos. Update 11/9/21 this isn't showing up anymore for me.
  • Bare Aristo (70% Merino Wool, 15% Cashmere, 15% Mulberry Silk) 40% off - this is one of the most expensive bare yarns that KnitPicks offers, so this is a FANTASTIC discount.  
  • Bare Luminance (100% Mulberry Silk) 36% Off - This is another expensive bare yarn, luxurious silk laceweight that I've dyed once.  I will try to pick up some more. 
  • Bare Shimmer Lace (70% Baby Alpaca, 30% Silk) - 40% off. This is an amazing lace weight yarn that is full of drape and I love it at every weight I've tried over the years.  I'm not sure if I've dyed it but I've knit with this before and LOVE it. 
  • Bare Biggo (50% Superwash Merino Wool, 50% Nylon) - 30% off  This is a fun 2 ply bulky yarn that dyes up really well.  I like some of the other bulky bases a bit more - especially some of the limited edition ones from last year.  As of 11/8/21 I'm not sure if there will be limited edition bulky yarn this year so this is a good choice if you want something bulky to work with. 
  • Bare Curio (100% Mercerized Cotton) 32-40% Off - This crochet thread comes in two sizes and is dyeable.  At least I think I've dyed it successfully so far.  
  • MINISKEINS - Usually $1.50 the 10 g mini skein samples are now $1.20, $1.35, or the full price.  This is a great way to get some samples to play with before investing in full skeins. 

Bare Chroma Fingering is also 50% off and Chroma Worsted is 40% off but they come wound into a ball versus in a skein so it isn't one of my top picks.  

There are so many other yarn bases that are 10-20% off that are worth trying out, especially if they aren't bases that you tend to order in bulk.  However, for any yarn that I order in bulk... I try to see if it will be over 30% off to purchase from the big sale (versus waiting for a coupon code later in the year.)  

As for other clearance yarn - check out pastels and medium tones in yarn bases you like because you can always overdye them! 

My cart the morning the Big Sale started.  I won't order everything right away, see my shopping strategy above. 

Here is my Haul from the $1/$3/$5 sale.  I noticed that Chroma Twist Bulky came back after being removed from the standard big sale above:

Where should I shop?  KnitPicks or WeCrochet?

When shopping at two related companies, which website should you order from?  KnitPicks offers free shipping on $65+ US orders, WeCrochet offers free shipping on $35+ US orders.  Last year, most of the daily deals were the same between the two companies with a few exceptions.  

  • WeCrochet carries Lion Brand yarn and so may have a few additional items on sale. 
  • The daily deals were very similar last year, except for when it came to tools (Knitting needles at KnitPicks and Crochet hooks at We Crochet.)  
  • Different notions.  Some enamel pins, stitch markers, and tote bags differ between the two sites.  
KnitPicks and WeCrochet share a warehouse and inventory.  If something is out of stock on one site, it will likely be out of stock on the other, too.  Where I place my orders depends on what deals are offered and how much yarn I'm planning to order.  

What about Black Friday?

For the past few years, the KnitPicks Big Sale ends before Thanksgiving.  On Black Friday there is often a % off coupon good on the entire store.  Some years this coupon lasts the whole weekend, but other times there is a larger coupon for Black Friday itself and then smaller coupons through Cyber Monday.  

Update: The Big Sale ends 11/24/21, the day before 2021 Thanksgiving.  I think we can expect to have some kind of fun coupons for Black Friday.  

In 2021, KnitPicks & WeCrochet Offered 25% off on Black Friday and then 20% off for the rest of Cyber weekend (Saturday - Monday) 

Watch Me Chat about the 2021 Big Sale!

Want to see how this Big Sale compares to past years? 

Why do I like to track the KnitPicks Big Sale?  Long before I became a KnitPicks affiliate I was a customer and fan. For years I would wait and refresh KnitPicks in the morning to see if it was dollar yarn day.  One year there were a bunch of stunning non-released Chroma colors that sold out in minutes.  Now there are limits to how much you can buy for some of the deals, but it is still fun to see what "new" and "unreleased" things may come.  I started tracking because sometimes I don't know if I should make a purchase using a coupon or hold out for a better deal down the line.   Plus, it's fun! 

I am a KnitPicks and WeCrochet Affiliate which means that I earn commission for sales made through my links.  I made all of the recommendations and product selections on my own and purchased them myself.  I have no inside information on the KnitPicks sale and my predictions are based on knowledge of previous years.  


  1. Is this USA only? Just gone to website in UK and theres no sign of a big sale.
    I'd be gutted if it were US only, I've been looking forward to this!

    1. It hasn't launched yet. They often update the website at 8/9 AM EST, sometimes a bit later. I'm not sure exactly what time things will drop but I'll add the timing soon.

      It should take place internationally. I only know because of an email they sent out that it starts today.

    2. Isabel - the sale stuff dropped at about 10 AM EST this morning

  2. I haven’t bought anything yet in spite of getting up at 4:45 this morning in case the sale started at 8 eastern. Yawn! I had Alaina in my cart to try, but when I read the reviews, general consensus was that it is really a DK weight yarn rather than aran. Do you have ant[y experience with it?

    Bare luminance and bare shimmer lace were also very tempting, but I would only knit it doubles since I have a rule of not knitting anything thinner than fingering. Do you think they would work knitting them doubled?

    Thanks for all that you do.

    1. I set a timer for myself to refresh every 10 minutes! I still don't know if daily deals are happening, the link just went to the general sale page yesterday. I haven't knit a swatch with the Simply Alpaca, I just have a few of the natural colors in my stash.

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