Monday, June 5, 2023

2023 Spring Mini Skein Mini Series

Tonight is the first night of the 2023 Spring Mini Skein Mini Series!  Join me at 8:30 PM Eastern Time every night this week on the ChemKnits Tutorials YouTube channel for the live premieres. I cannot wait to hang out with you in the chat room! 

How long are the videos? When premieres are scheduled you can't see the video length. I like to share these times so you know if the premeire (and therefore live chat room) will still be going on if you join late.  Typically the countdown is 2 minutes long, so the video itself will begin ~8:32 PM. 

  • Night 1 (6/5/2023) - 33 minutes
  • Night 2 (6/6/2023) - 40 minutes
  • Night 3 (6/7/2023) - 45 minutes
  • Night 4 (6/8/2023) - 45 minutes
  • Night 5 (6/9/2023) - 50 minutes
  • Bonus Full Size Skeins (Night 6; 6/10/2023) - TBD, likely around 45-50 minutes
  • Vlog (6/11/2023) - TBD, These can be on the longer side

What is a YouTube Premiere?

The first viewing of the video will air like a regular TV program that starts at a certain time.  There will be a countdown clock at 8:30 (Thanks, YouTube!) and then the video will start playing.  If you join at 8:45, the video will be in the middle, but you can rewind it to start from the beginning.   After the premiere is over, the 

The best part of premieres is the live chat room.  I try to be in the chat during the premiers to react, answer questions, and occasionally face palm when I notice something I missed during editing.  


Check out the ChemKnits Creations Etsy Shop to grab more Spring Mini Skein Mini Series yarn.  I just updated the main SMSMS listing so you can pick the night of your mini skein set.  If you first select a yarn base you can see what nights are available, or if you select a night you can then see the yarn bases that are available.