Thursday, April 30, 2009

Knitting Chart - Generic Pentapeptide Backbone

To help you design your own peptides, here is a generic peptide backbone. You can put whatever amino acid side chain you want on this peptide (see charts designed by Chemknits, they may need to be rotated to fit!).

See how the chart works on a peptide beer cozy!

By rotating/flipping the charts as necessary, you can fit whatever amino acids you want into the peptide backbone, as long as they won't overlap!

(of course, for glycine you would have to remove some from this template, and proline would require further modifications, but this chart should help you make your own custom pentapeptide.)

This this pattern was created by ChemKnits for your personal or charity use. This pattern is not to be replicated, sold or redistributed without permission from ChemKnits. © 2009 ChemKnits