Thursday, May 7, 2009

Hand Dyed Wool-Ease Yarn - Part 2

So now I'm playing with adding more food coloring drops, making the colors even more vibrant!

Yellow: 2 packets Kool-Aid lemonade, 18 drops yellow food coloring

Orange: 3 packets of orange Kool-Aid, 8 drops of red food coloring

Note: appears that the green ties I've been using have deposited some of their dye onto my yarn! (This does not really show up in the pictures.)

Blue: 2 packets ice blue raspberry lemonade, 19 drops blue food coloring

Yellow-Green: 1 packet ice blue raspberry lemonade, 1 packet lemonade, 15 drops yellow food coloring, 5 drops green food coloring

I have now completed a whole spectra of colors to use in my blanket. I think that if I were to use more food coloring, I would be able to get the colors more saturated. Given that the Wool-Ease yarn I have left over from other projects are darker, vibrant colors, I am happy to add these more pastels into the mix. It would have been cheaper to go and buy new yarn, but this was way more fun!


  1. Have you washed any of the yarn yet? Did the colors stay set or did they bleed off the acrylic?

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