Thursday, May 7, 2009

Hand Dyed Wool-Ease Yarn - Part 2

So now I'm playing with adding more food coloring drops, making the colors even more vibrant!

Yellow: 2 packets Kool-Aid lemonade, 18 drops yellow food coloring

Orange: 3 packets of orange Kool-Aid, 8 drops of red food coloring

Note: appears that the green ties I've been using have deposited some of their dye onto my yarn! (This does not really show up in the pictures.)

Blue: 2 packets ice blue raspberry lemonade, 19 drops blue food coloring

Yellow-Green: 1 packet ice blue raspberry lemonade, 1 packet lemonade, 15 drops yellow food coloring, 5 drops green food coloring

I have now completed a whole spectra of colors to use in my blanket. I think that if I were to use more food coloring, I would be able to get the colors more saturated. Given that the Wool-Ease yarn I have left over from other projects are darker, vibrant colors, I am happy to add these more pastels into the mix. It would have been cheaper to go and buy new yarn, but this was way more fun!