Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Christmas Stockings

I moved in with my boyfriend this summer, and although we have spent 4 holiday seasons together, this will be the first one in OUR home. I am Jewish, but I have enjoyed celebrating Christmas with his family. I thought it would be fun to make some stockings to put up in our living room that were personal and perfect. This search is not going to compile every Christmas stocking pattern on the web, I am only pulling patterns that could be of use to my project.

I've realized that many of the things I would like to incorporate into my ideal stocking come from knitting charts - Names or at least initials (there are so many alphabets out there that I'm sure I can find one I love), snowflakes, turtles or guitars... But this search is for the stockings themselves, looking at shape and chart placement for ideas.

Search for Christmas Stockings
  • New! RFR/RFB or KAB Stockings by Chemknits! - Fun colorwork, I designed these for me and my SO.
  • New! Indy's Puppy Christmas Stocking - Also designed by ChemKnits, this stocking is slightly smaller since it is knit in a smaller gauge, but it could be mixed and matched with the above stockings.
  • There are so many little or mini Christmas stockings, but these I'll only include if it's fabulous or fabulouser... !
  • Lattice Stocking - Cuff has an embroidered name. The lattice pattern is in a contrasting color. This is classic and pretty.
  • Basic sock with satin bow - It is super basic, and plain as the title suggests. The proportions are not fantastic to me (The foot looks stumpy). The same blog also has a cabled stocking.
  • Knitted candy cane boot - This is a new shape for a Christmas stocking. The stripes up the leg are diagonal, which makes it extra special!
  • Long stocking with trees on the cuff - This looks like a long sock. It is hanging on the back of a chair in the picture and it goes almost to the floor. The canvas could be easily adapted to other decorations.
  • Personalized Stocking - has letter, children, Santa and Tree knitting charts. The shape is nice.
  • Scalloped edged Christmas stocking - Again, the toe seems pretty short... The edge detail at the top is cute though.
  • Sean Stocking - Striped and felted. Not too intricate, but looks cute. The stripes make me thing about Dr. Suess
  • Fulled Christmas Stocking - Basic.
  • Christmas stocking with a tree - This looks pretty vintage, but the shape is nice.
  • Basic stocking with flare! - See the fur trip on the cuff, heel and toe.
  • Lion Brand Stocking - I LOVE the way the color on the front and back of the leg interlock down the sides. There is space to decorate, but the details here are PERFECT.
  • From the heart knitted stocking - hearts on the cuff, embroidered with flowers. I think I'm liking a big cuff.
  • Folkways Christmas stocking - Here is a classic looking decorated stocking. I may want something more modern looking, personally, but this one looks like something you could have passed down the family for years.
  • Knitted Fisherman's stocking - If it's texture you want, this is for you!
  • Felted Stockings - Where have all the toes gone?
  • Holiday Stocking - sideways cabled cuff
  • Canadian Stocking - Well not really... They used felt aplique's on the stockings, and a duplicate stitch to put the names on. I like the shapes and the idea of having a penguin on them.
  • Vintage Santa Stocking - Need I say more?
  • Felted stocking - It looks like it was knit as a sheet, cut out and stitched together. (just from looking at the picture, I did not read the pattern) If gussets frighten you, then this is an easy way to make one.
  • John Stocking - Fair Isle, Classically inspired. I love it!
  • Picot edge stocking - This is some flair at the top. The canvas is otherwise blank, but perfect for personalization!
  • Knitpicks - basic Christmas stocking
From examining the patterns out there, I like more classic appearing stocks that contain a heel and toe in good proportion. I also prefer a big cuff at the top rather than a finished edge. Intricate color work also inspires me. Wish me luck!

P.S. These were too cute to not mention!
  • Candy Cane Cozy - What a nice way to dress up your table or tree at holiday time.
  • Pet's stocking - Shaped like a paw. There is no actual knitting idea here, but it is a fun idea for a project! It also reminds me how much I would love to wake up to a puppy in my stocking...