Monday, December 28, 2009

At a Reader's Request - Porphobilinogen and Heme Inspired Charts

Acute Intermittent Porphyria is a genetic disorder that affects the production of the heme group that is important for the protein hemoglobin to bind and carry oxygen. AIP is not a disease I knew anything about until I an email from a reader. "Mom K" wrote me that she has AIP and asked for tips with a chart for the porphobilinogenic chain. (This molecule is the precursor for heme that accumulates since the next enzyme in the pathway is not functional.)

Porphobilinogen Knitting Chart (19x29 sts)

Mom K, use in good health on whatever project you have in mind. When I knit with my molecular charts, I knit them into the project directly while other use duplicate stitches to make the patterns.

I had actually been playing with charts inspired by heme groups and other siderophores (iron carriers) because the complexity of cyclic rings would be beautiful in fair isle. Some aspect of these will be shared when I finally create my Christmas stockings, but I thought it appropriate to include them here as well.

Heme inspired chart 1 - 26x26 (left), heme molecule (right)

Heme inspired chart 2 - 25x25

Heme inspired chart 3 - 21x21

What molecules should I chart next?

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