Thursday, February 18, 2010

Dark Mark Scarf

A while ago, I decided to search for Harry Potter related knitting patterns. Among the patterns I found, I was amazed by the Dark Mark Illusion Scarf. My younger brother is the one who got me to love the Harry Potter books years ago. This scarf is a nice way to give him a HP related gift, a subtle HP related gift!

This scarf was knit on size 6 needles using 2 skeins each of Wool of the Andes in Grass and Coal.

The designer was correct, and illusion knitting does require blocking. See the curls:

I blocked by soaking completely in water, and the pattern still remained okay. Maybe it is even more subtle now... but at least the scarf is cute on it's own!

Before blocking. I didn't have to get as low to see the illusion before. Whoops!

In playing with the scarf, it looks pretty cool with just the horizontal stripes. Cozy and Manly (thank goodness, since it is a gift for my brother!)

See the illusion? Looking at it straight (left) you cannot see the snake/skull at all! At an angle (right), however....

Today's my brother's half birthday, so I figured it would be appropriate to post it today. Happy (half) Bday, J!

This is me wearing the scarf looking down. THE DARK MARK, AHHHHHHHHHHH!