Saturday, September 18, 2010

Search For Knit Flowers

Sometimes it's fun to put an embellishment on a hat, so I decided to search for free flower patterns. These flowers won't wilt! I'm searching for "free standing" embellishments or ornaments, not charts or flowers within lace.
  • Head Huggers Flower - Flat, 5 petals, works well on a hat, has 3 beads in the center which really jazzes it up.
  • Flower Pacifier Clip - You can ignore the clip portion, and use this double knit flower on other projects. There is a windy leaf/vine.
  • Flower Corsage - 8 petals (5 and then 3) with a circular center. Simple.
  • Knitted Flower - 4 Petals that appear stuffed, a little round embroidered center.
  • Bloem - 3D with some stamen coming out of the middle. The shape reminds me a little of a crocus. You could make a bouquet which a little girl would love to play with. (Or I would love to play with!)
  • Hannele - This is beautiful with a lot of textured detail. Six petals with a button center.
  • Flower Hair Elastic - Ruffled type flower
  • Flower Power Flower - I have knit this hat in the past, and the flower is knit as a row with bindoffs in the middle to create the petals. Very simple and open, a similar effect could be achieved with i-cords.
  • Lydia Flowers - Three flowers knit and then sewn together create this full corsage. There is also some beading.
  • Christmas Blossoms - Glittery and felted. Novelty yarn makes these fun, and would make a great embellishment on many projects.
  • Knitted Flower - Six petals that have some curl to them, beads in the center.
  • Piku Flower Swap - Icord flower with 5 petals and a non-knit (I cannot tell if it is a pin or button) center embellishment.
  • Plethora of Petals - Here are 4 different patterns for flowers, i-cord, flat and felted, curly 3D and multi-petaled.
  • Fabulous Felted Flowers - Multiple flowers are in the pdf that you can download form the linked page.
  • Poinsettia - 5 petals with knit center. The petals have a lacy detail.
  • Knitted Rose - Has 2 leaves in addition to the rose swirl.
  • Flower Pin - This rose also has a leaf. It is small, and super cute.
  • Pretty Rose - It looks like a rose!
  • Flowers for Mam - These little rolled roses are attached to knitting needles to make a bouquet.
  • Linen Flowers - Flat 5 petal flower with large knit center. There are excellent construction images available on the pattern page.
  • Flower Power Brooch - I-cord petals (5) and A swirled I-cord Center.
  • Knitted Flower for Bike Helmet - Unfortunately I did not see a picture on the site, but it sounds like a fun idea to put a flower on a bike helmet.
  • Clematis - You will need to create a free lionbrand account to view this pattern. The center has loopy "stamen"
  • Arum Lily - Stunning, this actually looks like the flower it is named for. You will need to create a free account to view this Lion Brand pattern.
  • Fiori - Three tiers and a button center
  • Daffodil Flower Knitting Pattern - Wonderful. A pipe-cleaner stem enables this cute flower to stand up in a vase. I think that I will need to make this as daffodils are some of my favorite flowers
  • Snowdrop Inspired Flower Pattern - Like the previous pattern, the stem has a pipe cleaner. The flower hangs below the leaf in a bell shape, which is a very great image given that it is entirely knit!
So I'm making this list, and I discovered that Knitting Pattern Central has a list of Flower Patterns. Check it out if you would like to find more than what I've provided here from my searches. I also came across a blog that is entirely based on flower patterns, Flowers to Knit. The blog has pictures of the patterns to help you sort out what you would like.