Saturday, September 18, 2010

Search For Knit Flowers

Sometimes it's fun to put an embellishment on a hat, so I decided to search for free flower patterns. These flowers won't wilt! I'm searching for "free standing" embellishments or ornaments, not charts or flowers within lace.
  • Head Huggers Flower - Flat, 5 petals, works well on a hat, has 3 beads in the center which really jazzes it up.
  • Flower Pacifier Clip - You can ignore the clip portion, and use this double knit flower on other projects. There is a windy leaf/vine.
  • Flower Corsage - 8 petals (5 and then 3) with a circular center. Simple.
  • Knitted Flower - 4 Petals that appear stuffed, a little round embroidered center.
  • Bloem - 3D with some stamen coming out of the middle. The shape reminds me a little of a crocus. You could make a bouquet which a little girl would love to play with. (Or I would love to play with!)
  • Hannele - This is beautiful with a lot of textured detail. Six petals with a button center.
  • Flower Hair Elastic - Ruffled type flower
  • Flower Power Flower - I have knit this hat in the past, and the flower is knit as a row with bindoffs in the middle to create the petals. Very simple and open, a similar effect could be achieved with i-cords.
  • Lydia Flowers - Three flowers knit and then sewn together create this full corsage. There is also some beading.
  • Christmas Blossoms - Glittery and felted. Novelty yarn makes these fun, and would make a great embellishment on many projects.
  • Knitted Flower - Six petals that have some curl to them, beads in the center.
  • Piku Flower Swap - Icord flower with 5 petals and a non-knit (I cannot tell if it is a pin or button) center embellishment.
  • Plethora of Petals - Here are 4 different patterns for flowers, i-cord, flat and felted, curly 3D and multi-petaled.
  • Fabulous Felted Flowers - Multiple flowers are in the pdf that you can download form the linked page.
  • Poinsettia - 5 petals with knit center. The petals have a lacy detail.
  • Knitted Rose - Has 2 leaves in addition to the rose swirl.
  • Flower Pin - This rose also has a leaf. It is small, and super cute.
  • Pretty Rose - It looks like a rose!
  • Flowers for Mam - These little rolled roses are attached to knitting needles to make a bouquet.
  • Linen Flowers - Flat 5 petal flower with large knit center. There are excellent construction images available on the pattern page.
  • Flower Power Brooch - I-cord petals (5) and A swirled I-cord Center.
  • Knitted Flower for Bike Helmet - Unfortunately I did not see a picture on the site, but it sounds like a fun idea to put a flower on a bike helmet.
  • Clematis - You will need to create a free lionbrand account to view this pattern. The center has loopy "stamen"
  • Arum Lily - Stunning, this actually looks like the flower it is named for. You will need to create a free account to view this Lion Brand pattern.
  • Fiori - Three tiers and a button center
  • Daffodil Flower Knitting Pattern - Wonderful. A pipe-cleaner stem enables this cute flower to stand up in a vase. I think that I will need to make this as daffodils are some of my favorite flowers
  • Snowdrop Inspired Flower Pattern - Like the previous pattern, the stem has a pipe cleaner. The flower hangs below the leaf in a bell shape, which is a very great image given that it is entirely knit!
So I'm making this list, and I discovered that Knitting Pattern Central has a list of Flower Patterns. Check it out if you would like to find more than what I've provided here from my searches. I also came across a blog that is entirely based on flower patterns, Flowers to Knit. The blog has pictures of the patterns to help you sort out what you would like.


  1. What about these two?

  2. wow those are fantastic! I'll update the post this week to include them. thanks :)

  3. Thank you soooooo much for all the beautiful flower patterns! I can't wait to knit up a center piece for my Mom! Your Blog inspires me to try new patterns! Thanks for the great tips.

  4. Well I'm very happy to inspire people to try new things. Happy Knitting!

  5. Thank you so much for the patterns. Also, I have found quite a few of my own very nice patterns for flowers. Many of them are really tiny, and most if not all are in garter stitch. You may or may not have them on your blog already, I am not sure. They are as following:


    Mother's Day Flower Bouquet:

    Flowers In Bloom (Multiple different sites, very similar patterns, I will post all of them and you can decide which is the best. Two of them have a pattern for a knitted item that has a flower on it, I do not know if you want these or not.):

    This is a site with many different links to other flower knitting pattern websites, I think you probably have most, if not all, of them, I noticed that you have at least one of them already but I will post this just in case there is one you had missed:

    Garter Stitch Rose: (This one is a bit hard to readbecause of the background, I copied and pasted into a Word Document and caould read it just fine)

    That is all I have right now, I do not want to spend too much time searching all my knitting patterns to see if I have any flowers, looking them up, finding the websites, and posting them on here. I hope you find this useful. I know I really enjoyed your site and I am hoping that someone will enjoy the patterns from the sites I have listed.

    1. I stopped adding to my list when I realized that one of the largest free pattern knitting directories had a Flowers category already. (Many of the searches I do are things that cannot be found elsewhere in a single list.)

      Thanks for your contributions.

  6. I know, my post is the longest one I have seen so far. Sorry that I had to make you read through all that. I hope you found it helpful. (I think I should probably stop now, if I don't I will probably keep going and you will end up with another really long post). Anyways, thanks so much. I hope you can put my websites to use and...Uh-oh, I'm starting again. Bye! I hope... Never mind.

  7. Looooooong post. Very loooooooooong. Veeeeery long. Veeeeeeeeeery loooooooooooooooooong. Veeeeeeeeeeeeeeery veeeeeeeeeeeeeery looooong. Now I'm getting started on an even longer post.

  8. Unable to resist a beautiful day like this, I was quick to pull on a pair of denim cutoffs, my favorite t-shirt, and a pair of brogues to go find some new flowers to fill my vases, florist flowers

  9. Thank you so much for everything you do.

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