Friday, November 5, 2010

I squidoo, you squidoo, too!

This week, I started chronicling some of the content from this blog to Squidoo. For example, you can now see the resources I've gathered for dropped stitch patterns all in one place. Don't worry, nothing is going to change with ChemKnits, I am just extending my reach. I have quickly become addicted to squidoo, as there is a huge community aspect to the site.

Some of the "Lenses" I have started:
And just for fun, if you like the TV show Friends, take these quizzes on my Friends Trivia page. If you do have an account, please squidlike my posts :) If you don't have a squidoo account, come check out my stuff anyway! I appreciate your support.

What to look beyond my posts? Visit the SquiDirectory Squidoo directory, and find something interesting to read about!


  1. Hey it is LisaAuch over from Squidoo to check out your Blog! fab, I just love the patterns!

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