Sunday, February 20, 2011

Briar Rose French Press Coffee Cozy

Previously I had searched for free french press knitting patterns, and while I found many fantastic patterns there wasn't one that I loved enough to make. I loved the Briar Rose stitch I found in Good Housekeeping Traditional Knitting, so I decided to design a knit French Press cozy around this stitch. The best thing about the Briar Rose is that you get a cabled look without the need of a cable needle!

A closeup of the Briar Rose stitch.

The overall effect of the Briar Rose stitch.

  • Worsted Weight wool (50g is sufficient)
  • Size 6 knitting needles
  • size 6 dpn or crochet hook to make button loops.
  • 3 buttons or closures
  • yarn needle for weaving in loose ends.
  • Gauge: 5 sts/inch; ~7 rows/inch.
  • Finished size: 12 inches long, 6 inches high.

Knitting Chart Key
I want to apologize for my lack of knowledge when it comes to knitted chart symbols. I was converting written instructions into a chart, and I didn't know how some of that would work... so (to quote Tim Gunn) I had to "make it work" and find something suitable. I hope that this is understandable!

Key for the Cable Chart (Open in new window to see it bigger).
Updated 3/9/2011 to include the little cross stitch.
Aire River Design Knitting Fonts was used to create the knitting symbols.

The Pattern

  • Cast on 34 sts
  • Starting with row 1 of the chart (a wrong side row), work the double cable pattern.

    The Cable Chart. Open this image in a new window to see the chart larger.
  • When the piece measures 12 inches.... (~6.5 repeats)
  • cast off on a WS (odd number) row
  • Block the fabric (if necessary)
  • Finishing: Sew three buttons onto one side. Pick up stitches to make i-cord loops or crochet a chain to be a loop to secure the buttons. (Choose crochet chain vs. icord depending on the size of buttons you choose.)

    The buttonholes

Blocking the cozy before sewing on the buttons. Normally I would have made the button loops first, but I wanted to be able to block the project without Keith asking what it was. (As soon as he sees the pirate button he would know that the project is for him!) HAPPY BIRTHDAY KEITH!

How the buttonholes fit over the buttons.

About the Yarn
I bought this yarn for 9.5 kn while I was in Croatia. Ana - Vunica za pletenje (translation: Wool for Knitting.) According to the label, the yarn is made in Croatia with a composition of 45 vuna, 10 kasmir, 35 poliamidino vlakno, 10 viskozno (or a wool/acrylic blend). What I can find about the brand and this yarn, it looks nothing like what I find in other photos. This thick and thin single ply, it looks like the tag was taped on! What is this yarn?!? If you have any hints, please let me know!

The Ana Yarn with labels (left) and remaining yarn from one ball used from this project (right)

Abbreviations Used in this pattern:
Kfb - increase by knitting into the front and back of a single stitch.
K - knit
P - purl

SSK - decrease by slipping two stitches then knitting them together. Alternatively, you could slip one stitch, knit one stitch and pass slipped stitch over.
K2tog - decrease by knitting two stitches together.
sl - slip a stitch

This pattern was created by Chemknits for your personal or charity use. You are not distribute or reprint this pattern without the permission of Chemknits.
© 2011 ChemKnits (


  1. You ARE a star when it comes to desing new patterns, find new use for old patterns, hope you get it, my words are not many enough...

  2. Thank you so much. It means a lot to me when people enjoy the content I provide. It makes this whole experience so much fun! Happy Knitting!

  3. I love it and it works great! Thanks again for designing and knitting it for me!

  4. So beautiful. In the chart, what does the little T or cross mean? I haven't seen that before.

  5. The cross is more typically used as a K3tog/p3tog, but in this case it is the second row of the bobble stitch, "Bobble 1B: Sl next 3 sts, dropping extra wraps, sl the same 3 sts back to left needle and p3tog though the back loop." I tried to use a less conventional symbol so it would be less confusing for anyone trying to read the chart.

    The key can be found in two places in this post. First under "Knitting Chart Key" which is in between "Materials" and "The Pattern" and again at the end of the post where I list other common abbreviations.

    Happy Knitting!

  6. New to knitting, just knitting a year now. I am trying your sweet pattern & I am confused about the little t symbol. You mentioned it is the second row of the bobble stitch, but it doesn't come in the row correctly. Doesn't it have to be worked with the bobble 1A in the row below it? I must be confused. Please help. thanks NTK

  7. I'm so sorry, I forgot to include that symbol in the key, I'm going to update that immediately. (I missunderstood what symbol you were talking about.)

    The little cross stitch is supposed to be "Knit through the back loop" (a twisted stitch) I am updating the chart keys right now.

  8. Do u have just the instructions written out so I don't have to use the chart? :) love this!

  9. Unfortunately I do not have written instructions for this pattern. I prefer charts with complex cables because it helps me keep track of what stitch I am on if I lose count in the next row.

  10. Ok, I really like the cozy. But I must say, it's super hard to follow the pattern, first it says to cast on 34, but in the chart there are only 26 squares, what do I do? Is there something I'm missing?

  11. I'm sorry that the whole image didn't show up. You need to open the chart in a new window ( see all 34 of the stitches. I've shrunk the image so it should all be visible on this page now.

  12. Ok...I figured out that I have to click on the pattern to make it bigger haha. Now I'm confused about going from row 2 to 3. I decreased a bunch in row 2 so there are no longer 34 st in row 3. I thought it over a million times but I can't seem to figure it out. Help!

  13. Ok nevermind, I figured it out!!! It's fun when you know what you're doing! Hopefully I can make it through the bobble part...that looks especially tricky.

  14. Rachelle,

    I'm glad that you figured out the left and right twists! These are not decreases because you are essentially knitting into one of the stitches twice.

    This bobble is only a little complicated because it takes place over two rounds. Let me know if you have any trouble.


  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. I don't understand what you mean by "dropping extra wraps" in the Bobble 1B. Something is going wrong but I'm not sure what. I wish I could show it to you for help!

  17. At the end of 1A, you wrap the yarn twice for each stitch you knit (so 3 stitches look like 6). You slip the stitches to end up with elongated stitches, and want 3 stiches (not 6) on the needle.

    I hope this helps.

  18. Hello

    I'm having difficulty with the bobble, different from bobbling that I'd learned from Berocco. Can you clarify what you mean by wrap?

    It's such a beautiful pattern.Making this for my father.


  19. Figured it out. Found your tutorial for the anemone bobble!! I'm all set.


    1. I'm glad you figured it out! No need to be sheepish, the holidays make me a lot slower with responding to comments.

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  21. Good evening. Love this pattern because it is so pretty and because it is a challenge! I have a counting question. Am I understanding correctly that on Row 4 - after purling 4, I need to increase 1 stitch into 3 for the Bobble 1A? If that is correct, can you detail how to turn that 1 stitch into 3? My understanding of K1, yo, K1 is that it takes 2 stitches to become 3.
    Thank you!

    1. Well, I looked at it again and somehow missed the into next stitch! Think that answers my question.

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