Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Search for Pet Halloween Costume Knitting Patterns

Some people think it's silly to dress up pets, but on Halloween this argument does not have much weight. I have searched for dog and cat costume knitting patterns, and I was a little disappointed because I did not find as many as I had hoped for.

Cats and dogs come in so many shapes and sizes that all of these patterns will require some adaptation so you can make the costume fit your pet.

  • King of Beasts Dog Sweater - This Lion dog sweater is complete with a mane around the head, fully transforming your pet into a lion. (you will need to create a free lion brand account to view this pattern)
  • Secret agent collar - A bow tie for your cat. I would imagine that you could modify this pattern for your dog, as well.
  • Lady Liberty Cat Hat - Complete with a matching torch! Turn your pet into the USA landmark.
  • Cat Mask - A ninja mask for your cat (or dog)!
  • Floppy Ears Headband - The story behind this design is heartwarming.
  • Fez Cat Hat - You're knitting a pet sized fez, what more description do you need?
  • Cat Beret - So cute!
  • Witch's hat for pets - a strap under the chin is modeled by a cat. You will need to create a free Ravelry account to download this pattern.
  • To humiliate the dog - This hat has mouse-like ears on top of it, transforming your dog into another animal. The designer suggests that you replace the ears with other shapes to further transform your pet. You will need to create a free Ravelry account to download this pattern.