Saturday, July 16, 2011

Decreasing Knit Stitches

In the previous post I shared knitting tutorial videos on increasing knit stitches. With my partnership with, I've also created some videos on how to decrease knit stitches. AFK already had some videos on K2tog and other decrease stitches, so today I will share with you P2tog in addition to SSK (Slip, slip, knit).

The third video I share with you is a quick description over the difference between SSK and K2tog stitches, and why some knitting projects will specify one over the other.

Decreasing Knit Stitches: SSK (Slip, Slip, Knit) - creating a left leaning decrease.

Decreasing Knit Stitches: P2tog (Purl Two Together)

The Difference Between SSK and K2tog; Decreasing Knit Stitches
- Both of these methods reduce your total number of stitches by one, but SSK leaves you with a left leaning stitch, and K2tog leaves you with a right leaning stitch. You can take advantage of the directionality in your knitting designs.

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