Sunday, November 13, 2011

Baby Vermillion Berry Hat

My friend Alan's sister is expecting a baby girl, and I couldn't resist knitting the new baby a little berry hat!

I have a lot of KnitPicks Shine Sport yarn around (I love using it for baby hats), so even though the yarn is thinner than the berry hat pattern required, I decided to use it anyway and just increase the number of stitches for the hat.

I knit with size 3 needles and cast on 72 sts (24 stitches per needle). After the brim was complete (5 rounds), I switched to size 5 dpn's. Once the hat measured 4.5 inches (including rolled brim), I started the leaves. Since I used more stitches than required, I decreased 8 stitches (K7, K2tog across - 64 sts left) before starting the leaf charts.

The hat used 29g of pink (orchid) and 4 g of green (grass). I only knit 3 inches of the icord for the stem, but I felt that was sufficient.

Looking at the hat, I really wanted to add some strawberry like spots to it. Next time I will add these in as I'm knitting.