Monday, April 16, 2012

Herringbone Cowl

I had a single skein of Lion Brand Amazing, but had no idea what I should make with it. The yarn was an impulse purchase while I was at Michaels last Thanksgiving, but I don't have enough yardage for many types of projects. (And I don't feel like making another hat.) When I saw the Herringbone Cowl knitting pattern, I was immediately attracted to the texture. I also could see that I would be able to knit until I was out of yarn, allowing me to showcase the entire colorway.

Boooo... there was a knot in the yarn. Thankfully this wasn't noticeable in the knit project, but I was still disappointed by the disruption in the colorway.

Finished size - 21" around (or just over), 6.5 inches wide. I used 47g of yarn, knit with size 9 knitting needles. There really wasn't much left:

I plan to make another cowl, or at least use this stitch pattern again on another project in the future. It is just so lovely!

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