Monday, August 6, 2012

Ears and Antlers

Sometimes I never knit a complete project, and that isn't because I've abandoned it. It is because I'm helping someone else finish a project! My SIL asked me to help make some ears and antlers for her Deer with Little Antlers Hat. After some debacle with the lost package back in December, I was finally to finish the requested 3 sets of ears/antlers. These hat accessories were knit with brown Artesano Aran/size 10; pink KnitPicks Palette/size 5; and white KnitPicks WOTA Sport/size 7 needles.

I decided to only lightly felt the antlers, to let my SIL shrink/shape them to the desired size. I felted them all at once in the sink, and while I tried to leave the tails clear to help sew them to the hats, they tails felted into a messy ball.

I hope to see some photos at some point on how the final hats look!