Monday, October 22, 2012

Another Pumpkin

It is time for another knit pumpkin, using size 3 needles and Orange Wool of the Andes yarn.  

The CO edge had a bit of a hole that I needed to pull closed (after stuffing), but this is the kind of sewing I never mind!  I needed to pull the co endge close.  I am very impressed with the ridges created by the placement of increases and decreases (I used KFB for my increases.)  

Instead of an icord stem, I wrapped yarn around a pipe cleaner and then wrapped that around a knitting needle to create the curl.  

I didn't do anything to show the scale of the final gourd, but it is quite small... just not as small as the teeny tiny pumpkin!  


  1. he's a perfect pumpkin. They are adorable.......

    1. Thanks! Keith is very happy by how much his little pumpkin posse has expanded this year.

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