Sunday, November 25, 2012


This has been a year of knit shawls, so I have done a lot of blocking.  I have learned a lot with each shawl.  I have never taken the time to re-block a shawl, but my first (and most frequently used) shawl was beginning to lose a bit of definition.  (Not to mention that when I first blocked it I did not even own blocking boards!) 

Before the re-block
Pinned out
Unpinned - light an airy

The shawl still had a pretty shape before the re-block, not anything like before blocking the first time around.  But re-blocking opened the whole thing up again and made it much more airy.  How often do you re-block your lace knits?


  1. Gorgeous! I don't do lace yet, so I don't really know much about re-blocking. But this was so worth a second time.

  2. That is an Amazing and blocked.

    I dont block...I think it might kill me.... hee hee.

    well, I take it back, i've blocked berets on dinner plates, does that count?