Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Art yarns luxe cowl

When my mom gave me a coveted skein of ArtYarns, I wanted to do more than just a tiny one skein projects. I realized that I was dying to make a second Luxe Cowl from the  Luxe Accessories set, and that the limited artyarns yardage would pair perfectly with some Aloft I had in my stash already!

I started off with a 49g, 114 yard ArtYarns Beaded MOhair and Sequins skein and 24 g of the Aloft in Tranquil.  I knit the cowl on size 8 knitting needles.   In a slightly creepy fashion, the project required 18 g of each type of yarn... IDENTICAL to what happened the first time I knit the Luxe Cowl.  This is especially odd because I used a completely different yarn for the contrast color this time.

I considered making this cowl double size so I could wrap it around my next twice.  Therefore, after the 5th repeat, I measured the amount of yarn used again.  Unfortunately, after the 5th repeat I only had 9 g of Aloft left.  This is enough to finish this cowl, but not enough to make it much larger.  There was plenty of ArtYarns left over, so this would be enough for a third cowl (or completely different project) in the future.

The kitchener stitch is much harder with a beaded yarn than it was with KnitPicks Capra from my first version.  I quickly got the hang of it, and the grafting is nearly invisible.  

I have 31 g of the Luxury ArtYarns remaining.   What do you think I should use it for?  

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