Sunday, May 20, 2012

Luxe Cowl

When I first saw the Luxe Accessories Kit from KnitPicks, I could barely contain myself. I am on a "yarn diet" where I am trying to use up my stash, but I couldn't resist the yummy fibers and Rebecca colors. I realized that the cowl wasn't purple but a pink before purchasing, but I still really wanted the pattern and it made more sense to buy the kit than to purchase the components separately.

This cowl is so simple, but stunning. I love the way the two yarns (Capra DK in Regal and Aloft Lace in Fairy Tale) play off of each other. I knit the cowl on size 8 needles. The zigzags are formed by simple increases and decreases.

The final grafting was a little difficult with this project. First, There were only a few rows of Capra in that section, so it made it difficult to see things. I think I ended up pulling the kitchener stitch too tight, so it is almost invisible but thankfully it still LOOKS perfect!

The cowl consumed 18 g of each yarn, which is not what I would have expected! It is worth noting that Aloft comes with 25 g/ball, so there is not quite enough to make another cowl (but can't you envision making one of these cowls using multiple different colors of aloft?)

I spray blocked the cowl. It really didn't require much blocking, but I wanted to give it a little finishing.

Stay tuned for the construction of the other Luxe accessories!