Saturday, May 26, 2012

Test Knit Zombie Sheep

This is my first test knit ever! When I saw the Zombie Sheep knitting pattern, I knew that it would make a good surprise for Keith.

I knit the Zombie with Wool of the Andes Scraps in multiple colors on size 6 and 8 knitting needles (where directed.) Initially I wanted to make it mini by using fingering weight Palette, but I quickly discovered that I didn't have enough yardage of the handdyed colors.

Notes while knitting Pattern
  • I knit the sheep’s body with the Bramble and Cobblestone Heathers held double. Gauge on size 8 needles over garter stitch - 16 sts/ 4”. I didn't have enough of the grey yarns to make the whole body, so there are some stripes formed by miscellaneous grey heather WOTA.
  • 1.75” = 10 rows (+ CO edge, so do 11 rows for front legs.)
  • 4” = 24 rows (not including any CO/BO rows)
  • 1.25” of head = 8 rows in green (1 strand)
  • foot: 6 rows then BO.

There weren't details from how to sew up the body, so I took detailed pictures. The designer even asked me for permission to include these in the final pattern (I gave permission.) How did I do it?
  1. Sew up the inside of the legs with RS facing
  2. Sew up the inside of the head with the WS facing (starting at the nose)
  3. Sew up the body of the body with RS facing, leaving the sheep butt to sew it closed.

  4. I sewed up the butt, and then stitched in a circle and cinched the back closed.
The body looks a bit lumpy, very much like an undead monster!
I got so excited taking pictures of my newly formed sheep body that I almost forgot to knit the ears! I added these before embroidering the face so I could try to make the face as skewed as possible.

Lock your doors. Disable your stairs... There is a zombie Sheep in the house.

INDY, NOOOOOO! Leave it! Run and save yourself!

Oh no, you better click away before they start multiplying... I see ZS (zombie sheep) has his eyes on my entrelac sheep...