Sunday, December 24, 2017

Merry Christmas! ChemKnits Stocking Knitting Patterns Summary

When I was taking a picture of my hand knit stockings on the fireplace, I realized that I have never made a summary post of the designs I created for my family.

These designs are very special to me.  I created our first stockings after Keith and I got engaged.  My stocking has two sides, my maiden initials (RFR) on one side and my married initials on the other (RFB).  I only ever used my stocking for one Christmas as RFR, but it was nice to have the stocking transition to my new name along with me.  

Coordinating Stocking Patterns:

I will be back with many more posts for the ChemKnits blog in 2018.  I have SO MANY PROJECTS that I still need to write up.  Not to mention all of the awesome Dyepot Weekly videos.  Thank you for all of your support for the last (almost!) 9 years.  I cannot wait to see where the next year will bring us.

Happy New Year, everyone!  I hope everyone has a winter season filled with warmth, light, and lots of squishy yarn.  

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Sov, Sov, Sov!

Happy Chanukah, everyone!

I had a lot of intent to make new Chanukkah outfits for the boys this year, but unfortunately I ran out of time.  I decided (on the morning of the second day of Chanukkah) to draw some cute little dreidle shirts with puffy paint.

I freehanded these shirts.  I'm finding that I'm a lot more confident in my drawing abilities.  To be fair, these had a bunch of straight lines, but I've been doing more details on things lately (We made handprint turkey shirts for Thanksgiving, I should be sharing those soon!) so I thought it was fun to create these.

I have a blended family, so we celebrate both Chanukkah and Christmas in this house.  I was able to find some fun Chrismukkah decorations at the store this year, and it meant a lot to find something that represented my family.  I hope to design some decorations of my own that celebrate our togetherness after New Years that I can hang up next year. 

Happy Holidays!  I hope that you spend the rest of 2017 filled with warmth and light.