Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Decor

The posts about some of these projects have not been published yet, but in spirit of the holiday, I wanted to share with you how knitting contributed to our Halloween party decorations.

The Entrelac sheep has been sitting on my shelf so long that the spiders decided to use it to anchor the web!

A jar of eyeballs, ghost and small felted pumpkin held court on the goodies table. (Posts about the pumpkin and jar of eyeballs are in the queue.)

A closeup of the jar of eyeballs, ghost and small felted pumpkin.

The entirety of Keith's pumpkin posse. Tally is 2 knit, 1 paper, 3 real, and 24 edible pumpkins. Which do you expect to last the longest?

This fun pumpkin lives on the corner of our TV. (His dedicated post will come out before the end of the year.)

And finally, my house was covered in spider webs. The culprit? Well the ChemKnits knit spider, that's who! And the ChemKnits fly looks like it is going to become a treat for someone this Halloween!

Happy Halloween, from ChemKnits!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Search for Toilet Paper Cover Patterns

With Halloween, there are treats, but there are also tricks. Hopefully all the toilet paper in your house will be under cute little covers rather than ending up on your trees!

Honestly, I'm not sure why I decided to do a search for toilet paper covers. I know that my Grandma has a pretty one in her bathroom, but I doubt this is something that I'll make myself. I will at some point run out of places to put knit items, so I suppose the bathroom is another frontier. Here are the free patterns that I found:

I just have to mention this pattern for knit toilet paper. It is very funny, and would make an interesting gag gift. (This one doesn't function as a TP cover, but you could roll it up and put it on the holder!)

Friday, October 29, 2010

Knit a thon update!

I'm done with the second afghan for the 2010 Pine Street Knit-a-thon! The placement is much more random than in the first blanket I finished this year. I started with 17 squares that were knit with one strand of Lion Brand Romance yarn and the second strand random worsted weight yarn. Each square in this blanket has a unique combination of two colors. There are no repeats!

The squares that have one strand of Lion Brand Romance.

The squares all laid out. No 2 colors are connected side to side (diagonal was okay)

When sewing up the blanket, I first sew the diagonal, so I can get each square at least connected to the blanket by a corner.


I'm really happy that I reached my goal of 70 squares and 2 complete blankets!

Blanket #2!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


As fast project to aid with my Halloween party planning, these eyeballs were perfect. Knit on size 1 (2.5 mm) double pointed needles with KnitPicks palette yarn in a variety of hand dyed colors (Browns 1 and 2, Blue, Green 1 and Green 2).

I knit this project in the round (I hate seaming!), which required negligible adaptations. I stuffed the eyeballs during the last 3 rounds (the iris rounds).

A handful of eyeballs

A jar of eyeballs

Fast, easy, fun. A good project for an afternoon at home. Spooky? Not really... I never thought I would say a jar full of eyeballs is cute.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

When Pigs Fly

This itsy-bitsy pig was one of the fastest complete amigurumi projects I've ever done. I finished it in under 20 minutes, and since it was all knit as one item, no sewing or seaming, when I was done it was done!

Bobbles make the feet and ears, so they're done as you knit!

I knit the pig with fingering weight wool that I hand dyed pink. I used size 1 (2.5 mm) knitting needles.

The pig is smaller than an inch long

I love it!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

What's Hot?

My Drop Stitch Scarf pattern, that's what! Thank you for the shout out. Today this pattern hit #2 on the Top Knit Scarves Projects list.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

One More Skein: 30 Quick Projects to Knit

One More Skein: 30 Quick Projects to Knit by Leigh Radford

"Do you need a reason to buy just one of two skeins of a new, irresistible yarn?" This is the reason I come back to these books. I have reviewed a number of "one skein" books since starting this blog. Let's see how this one measures up! All patterns in this book are made with one or two skeins of yarn.

This is one of the first books in a long time where I do not see standard knitting instructions. Therefore, don't pick up this book if you don't know how to cast on! The appendix contains instructions for specialized techniques (Icord, felting etc), but there are not diagrams to help out, so don't plan on using this as a reference. (Note: This isn't a complaint; I have no problem with there being no knitting instructions. I would much rather some of these pattern books to fill up their pages with patterns than instructions on how to knit.) There are four main pattern sections to this patterns, making it easy right off the bat to get a sense of what you could make out of this book.

The Patterns:
  • Put It On: Fingerless Gloves, Top-Down Earflap Hat, Linen Cap, Felted Cuff, Rosette Stitch Cowl, Horizontal Rib Scarf, Circle and Stripe Scarf and Cravat, Jewelry Trio
  • Dress Up Baby: Baby's Britches, Nash's Garter-Stitch Baby Sweater, Sadie's Capelet, Drawstring Hemp Shorts, Karen's Mohair Kimono, Baby Legwarmers.
  • Take It With You: Mini Gift Bags, Summer Satchel, Wickerwork Accessory Bag, Felted Bag, Silk Gelato Clutch, Connected Squares Felted Handbag
  • Make Your House a Home: Bastille's Ball (cat ball), Hot Water Bottle Cover, Heated Lavender Pillow, Pencil Sketch Washcloths and Mitt, Albers Stash Blanket, Basic Pillows, Pleated Vase Sleeve, Petite Vessels (small felted bowls), Mikus Linen Placemats, Serving Tray.
Many of the patterns are quite simple. The Linen Cap stuck out to me because I enjoyed the eyelet hem with a ribbon woven through on an otherwise simple design. The Jewelry Trio consists mostly of Icord or garter stitch items with metal rings put through it, this one did not stick out to me for a good reason! The effect is crafty rather than elegant like some pieces I've seen knit out of wire. Sadie's Caplet is genius, it essentially a poncho with a hood. What a great way to keep a baby warm when you are on the go! The Silk Gelato Clutch is made with a fabric yarn, and the overall effect is stunning. It's modeled by a woman dressed up and it sure works.

My thoughts on the patterns are mixed. I fluctuate between intrigued and bored by the patterns. Some I just like the overall idea of a design element, not the pattern itself. Do yourself a favor and borrow this from your local library... it is certainly a good source of inspiration!

Sunday, October 17, 2010


I have loved these Korknisse since I found the pattern. I've had three corks in my knitting drawer since last winter for this project. This is an EXTREMELY fast project, and they only get cuter the more you knit.

I used size 2.5 (3mm) knitting needles and scraps of worsted weight yarn. For the first (pink) buddy, I kept the tension a bit too tight. The fit on the cork was better when I knit at a more natural tension. (I'm a bit used to stuffed animals where you want a tight gauge!) I really like when they peak out with a tiny little face.

I finished three in an afternoon. Now I just need to save up more corks!

For scale... see how tiny the sweater is!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Search for French Press Cozy Knitting Patterns

While searching for tea cozy knitting patterns, I found some French Press Cozy patterns. I decided to do a more thorough search, as these would make nice gifts for some people I know.

Free French Press Cozy Knitting Patterns

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Knit-a-thon update

I've sewn up the first afghan for the 2010 Pine Street Knit-a-thon. I decided that this afghan would have single color squares in a diagonal stripe pattern. There are not any pattern repeats within each color yarn. I made sure in the placement that different color pattern repeats were not located next to each other.

Lining up the squares for the afghan.

The first afghan is done!

I am getting close to finishing the second afghan. I have completed 26 squares, which means I only need to finish 9 more! (I kicked two squares out of the total, so technically I've knit 28 squares.)

Squares for the second afghan.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Search for Tea Cozy Knitting Patterns

Re-reading Harry Potter I got to thinking about Dobby in his Tea Cozy hat. I know that I've come across some free patterns for tea cozies in the past, but I decided to do a search to see how many I could come up with. (I try to keep my searches limited to free patterns.)

I imagine that I will have many categories in this search, as with the transformative baby hat search that I did a few months ago.

Inanimate Objects
  • Witch Hat Tea Cozy - Just like it sounds, it is a witch hat that you plop over you tea pot. This might also work as a Halloween costume for a pet...
  • Car Tea Cozy - I would call this red car a sedan, complete with registration plate!
  • Police Car Tea Cozy - This was made from the same designer as above (although they are published on different sites.) Blue lights on top. Maybe you could modify one of these two patterns to be a taxi cab.
  • Cottage Tea Cozy - Not fitted, rectangular and looks like a cottage!
  • Cottage Tea Cozy 2 - pattern from 1937.
  • Country House Tea Cozy - see title. :)
  • Snowman Tea Cozy - Not super fitted. The snowman has a hat, edging at the bottom to look like a scarf, Eyes nose and mouth (carrot nose!) The pattern has directions for a spout opening, but I cannot see it in the pictures.
  • Traditional Tea Cozy - Gathered, fitted, flowers on top, two colors. Handle and spout exposed.
  • Christmas Tree Cozy - The shape is reminiscent to the Witch hat above, but it is textured and there are embellishments that make this more appropriate for winter holidays. Available for free Ravelry download, you must create an account to view this pattern.
  • Jack-o-Lantern - Fitted, spout and handle exposed.
  • Chocolate Cake Tea Cozy - Loose, handle and spout exposed. There is icing, layers, and even a cherry on top!
  • Washing Machine Tea Cozy - This is boxy, so not super fitted, but the handle and spout are still exposed.

Animals/Other Life Forms
  • Elephant Tea Cozy - The spout makes the trunk, button eyes and tusks in a contrasting color. Certainly brought a smile to my face!
  • Elephant Tea Cozy 2 - Differing from the previous pattern, the ears have different color on the front and back, and there is more knitting up the trunk. Spout and Handle are exposed on this fitted cozy.
  • Lizzie the Cow Tea Cozy - DETAIL. Wow. This looks like a regular stuffed animal that you may find in a store, not something to keep your tea warm! The author has a number of other beautiful animal related cozies for sale.
  • Barrel Cactus Tea Cozy - This is SO COOL (No I don't have a cactus obsession....) The spines are small ties of lace-weight yarn along the length of the body. Fitted cozy, spout and handle are exposed.
  • Felted Tea Cozy - Has some appliqued teapot and mugs design. NOT fitted, nothing exposed.
  • Autumn Tea Cozy - Using the Noro colorway shown, there is a beautiful fall color scheme with leaves at the top. I could see you adapting this pattern to be a piece of fruit, which is why I put this under "Other Life Forms". Fitted Cozy, Spout and handle come out, and there is a hook at the top so you can hang it up when not in use.
  • Koala Tea Cozy - You could easily turn this into a stuffed animal. The head of the Koala is stuffed and on top of the lid. See the Ravelry page for a more realistic picture of this fun cozy. The handle and spout ARE exposed.
  • I am a mole (and I live in a hole) tea cozy - On the body, garden flowers and seed stitch dirt. Popping out the top over the lid is a mole! Fidded, spout and handle exposed. Available for free Ravelry download, you must create an account to view this pattern.
  • Strawberry Tea Cozy - Green on top, red speckled on bottom. Fitted, handle and spout exposed.
  • Felted Eggplant Tea Cozy - Not fitted, also will fit over a french press.
  • Skull Tea Cozy - Fitted, handle and spout exposed.
  • Algormortis - Skull and crossbones pattern. Fitted, handle and spout exposed. (So a pirate flag was never living... but since there was also a skull cozy, I decided to put it in this section.)
  • Pug Tea Cozy - Pompom legs, a tiny curl of a pug tail. Not super fitted, but handle and spout are still exposed. Available for free Ravelry download, you must create an account to view this pattern.
  • Christmas Robin Tea Cozy - There is a large robin face on the side of this tea cozy. Fitted, handle and spout exposed.
  • Frosty the Snowman Tea Cozy - The head of the snowman is above the cozy. He has a cane, scarf and other fun embellishments. Fitted, spout and handle exposed.
  • Pumpkin Tea Cozy - I cannot tell how fitted it is, but there are holes for the spout and handle. Ribbing.
  • Santa Claus Tea Cozy - His head is on top of the lid. The rest of the body is fitted over the tea pot. Handle and spout come out as the arms. There is even a pattern for the hat!
  • Poodle Tea Cozy - Pompom appendages, fun head, and textured body. (this is good for a tall tea pot.) Spout and handle exposed.
  • Three French Hens Novelty Tea Cozy - So the hens are really at the top, but the texture of the cozy itself goes along with the mini's. Fitted, handle and spout exposed.

  • Super Simple Tea Cozy Pattern Generator - This pattern should help you make sure your cozy fits your tea pot. Drawstring top, fitted, handle and spout exposed.
  • Floral Knitted Tea Cozy from 1937 - Fitted, handle and spout exposed. Flowers on top.
  • Jane Austin Tea Cozy - (The website has the links to download the PDF and colorwork chart.) This floral patterned cozy appears to be a looser fit, although the pattern is available in two sizes.
  • Sheryl's Tea Cozy - Cabled, not fitted. There is a flower at the top. (see the top pattern on the list to download the PDF or word document)
  • Lace Tea Cozy - This fitted cozy has buttons up the back by the handle to dress the tea pot. Lid, handle and spout are exposed. (There is not a photo on the pattern page, but there are some on Ravelry)
  • Lumpy Bumpy Tea Cozy - Two sizes are shown (8" or 10" tea pot). This is a fitted cozy with the spout coming out the front.
  • Winter in Washington Tea Cozy (with Flap) - Fitted, handle and spout exposed, buttoned flap covers the lid.
  • Traditional Fluted Tea Cozy - Two colored, fitted, handle and spout exposed.
  • Vine Lace Tea Cozy - Standard shape, handle and spout exposed.
  • Lidded Tea Cozy - I cannot tell if the lid is attached or not, but it is an exaggerated sized lid. There is a buttoned flap that goes through the exposed handle (spout is also exposed)
  • Avalanche Tea Cozy - Cabled, Fitted, Spout, Handle exposed. Drawstring top.
  • Snug Tea Cozy - There is a loop on top. Simple, There is a buttoned flap that goes through the exposed handle (spout is also exposed)
  • Prime Rib (Brioche) Tea Cozy - Ribbed, Tip of lid, spout and handle are exposed. There is discussion about getting a really good fit.
  • Cotton Tea Cozy and Egg Cozy - Simple silhouette, fitted, with some striping near the bottom. Seed stitch, the spout comes out the front. You will need to create a free account with Sugar'n Cream to view this pattern.
  • Felted Tea Cozy - Simple design with stripes and tiny roses around the edge. Not fitted.
  • Knitted Tea Cozy from 1937 - A trinity stitch tea cozy, knit in wedges. The silhouette is unique.
  • Simple Tea Cozy - One color, but the stitches spiral towards the top giving it a quiet elegance. (You see this closer to the bottom where a non-novelty yarn is used.) Handle and spout are exposed.
  • French Country Tea Cozy - Colorwork is used over the whole body, and there are fun 3D spirals at the lid. Spout and handles are exposed on this fitted cozy.
  • Knit Tea Cozy - Fitted, handle, lid and spout are all exposed.
  • Checkered Tea Cozy - As described. The top is a lid flap which can be attached to the body by clasps or buttons. Handle and spout are exposed on this fitted cozy.
  • The Odeon Bicolour brioche (Prime Rib) tea cozy - Handle, spout and very tip of the lid are exposed. Vertical stripes.
  • Knitted Pleated Tea Cozy - Alternating colors with exaggerated vertical pleats. Pompoms on top, fitted with handle and spout exposed. you need a free Bernat account to view this pattern.
  • Rosy Tea Cosy - Slit for the spout, gathered at the top.
  • Evil Genius Tea Cozy - Houndstooth on one side, a quote from Umbridge on the other. For photos, see the Ravelry page.
  • Loop Stitch Tea Cozy - Vintage Pattern, fitted, handle and spout are exposed.
  • No. 10 Knitted Cozy - Fitted, Drawstring closure which leaves lid exposed. Handle and spout area also exposed.
  • Domino Knitted Tea Cozy - Not fitted, diamond shaped with that pattern carried out in different colors. You need to create a free spin-off account to view and download the PDF of this pattern.
  • Daffodil Stitch Tea Cozy - Fun texture, in appropriate colors you could make this look like a pine tree. Fitted, exposed spout and handle.
  • Cuddly Tea Cozy - not super fitted, no exposed tea pot parts.
  • Custom Tea Cozy - Knit Flat, there's a hole for the spout in the center, and ties at the back to tie it around the handle. The end result can be fitted, depending on how tall you make the cozy.
  • Irish Knit Tea Cozy - Cables, drawstring top. Fitted with Exposed handle and spout. See the Ravelry page for photos.
  • Knit Tea Cozy - Exposed handle and spout, loop at the top. There is texture, vertical scalloped effect. You need to create a free Sugar'n Cream account to view this pattern.
  • Tea Cozy - Very fitted, flowers at the lid, simple, exposed spout and handle.
  • Kureyon Tea Cozy - Knit flat, pulled up over the tea pot, and gathered at the top. Not super fitted, but leaves handle and spout exposed.
  • 1946 Cabled Tea Cozy - Floral embellishments on top. Exposed handle and spout, fitted.
  • Rosie Posy Tea Cozy - Fitted, ribbed, exposed handle and spout. 3D roses make up the top of this otherwise simple cozy.
  • Tea India Cozy - This cozy has 2 layers to keep the tea hot. Fitted, exposed handle and spout.
  • Jayne Cobb Hat Tea Cozy - Two colored, pompom on top. The pattern page shows a flap that can be tied across the bottom to keep the cozy on. Fitted, exposed handle and spout.
  • Party Girl Tea Cozy - Now this one is very different. It knit to incorporate 25 pompoms, so the poof is all you see! Spout is exposed.
  • Broken Rib Tea Cozy - Fairly standard, fitted, handle and spout exposed.
  • Felted Tea Cozy - Fun design, not fitted, no parts exposed, just slips on over the tea pot.
  • Shamrock Tea Cozy - A slight variation on a ribbed cozy. Fitted, handle and spout exposed. Pompom on top.
  • 1940's style Tea Cozy - Gathered, checkered. Not super fitted, but handle and spout are still exposed.
  • Tea Cosy - Seed stitch, some colored bobbles and other simple colorwork. Exposed handle and spout.
  • Mother's Day Tea Cozy - Loose, handle and spout exposed.
  • Bobble-less Tea Cozy - There is buttoned down square on top, that has a tiny hole in the center for the top of the lid. Handle and spout are exposed on this fitted cozy.
  • Grannie's Traditional Tea Cozy - Fitted with Traditional puckers, handle and spout are exposed. I like the fact that this pattern shows the family heirloom that it was modeled after.
  • Kitch - Not fitted.
  • Easy Pleated Tea Cozy - Checkered, fitted, handle and spout exposed. Drawstring top.
  • Aromatherapy Tea Cozy - not fitted, nothing exposed. Small floral embellishments.
  • Ascott Tea Cozy - Fitted, Cabled, Spout and handle exposed, draw string top.
  • Hearts Tea Cozy - Fitted, spout and handle exposed. Intarsia hearts on the sides.
  • Ballband-ish Teapot Cozy - Knit flat, with buttons to put it around the tea pot. So it's not super fitted, but it covers the bottom of the pot, too.
  • Stylish Beaded Cozy - This is a twist on a traditional cozy with some beading embellishments.
  • A Happy Thought - Ribbed with an Icord Explosion of frills on top. Fitted, Spout and handle exposed. A vintage pattern from the 1940's.
  • Tall Tea Cozy - Not fitted, covers the entire tea pot.
  • Good Morning Tea Cozy - Appliqued flowers, not fitted, and it doesn't look like anything would be exposed.
  • Tea Bag - Shown in fisherman's colored yarn, there are cables and other fun embellishments. Fitted, handle and spout exposed.


Available for Free Ravelry Download Only (create your free account to access these patterns)

I am sure that there are others out there... but I feel like I gave you dozens as a starting point. Happy Knitting!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Pints and Purls

In honor of Ocktoberfest, I've decided to review the following book.

Pints and Purls: Portable Projects for the Social Knitter by Karida Collin and Libby Bruce

The concept of this book intrigued me. I like to knit (wow what an obvious statement), and I enjoy beer and wine (I have created a few beer and wine cozies in my day). I have been known to whip out some knitting while at social gatherings, and have found that some projects are just too distracting to work on when I have a lot going on. The ratings of these patterns are unique. They are organized by the number of drinks you could have while working on them (designated driver - advanced, 4 drinks - way easy). These projects were designed with the thought you could bring them with you to your favorite bar (as long as you could get a table!)

The Patterns:
  • Linden Wrap - A beautiful piece, but I wonder if my favorable thoughts are in part due to the tassels at the end. I think that it HAS to be knit in a heathered yarn to have the rich effect.
  • Haramaki Belly Warmer - The concept of a belly warmer seems strange to me, but I have to give them credit for making something that is not found in every knitting book!
  • Tie-One-On Scarf - I think the Icord (versus ribbon) tie gives an elegance to this fast scarf. I also think that a lighter, solid color does more justice to the pattern. (I also love that the model's hair is wrapped not around rollers, but around empty beer cans.)
  • Barfly Pullover - This comment is not about the sweater, but the title. When I read this, I didn't think "Bar Fly" I thought "Barf-ly". I thought, who would name a sweater after puking? My bad!
  • Don't forget your Mittens! - This attached scarf-mitten combos are not just for children anymore! This accessory would certainly solve the problem of loosing your mittens when you've gone out for the night!
  • Drink-Like-a-Fish Cozy - Okay, hands down this is my favorite. The felted cozy has a bottom tall enough to fit a beer can, with goldfish running around the sides (Glued on googly eyes makes the finishing touch). The top of the cozy goes up and closes with a clasp like a cape around the neck of a bottle. So 1) fun color pattern that goes beyond stripes, and 2) interesting silhouette = my favorite of the book.
  • Snakebite Hats - This is a hat/scarf combo, that laid out looks like a big striped snake. The mouth is at the brim of the hat, so when you're wearing it it looks like the snake is clamping onto your head. The LOOOONG pointy portion of the hat doubles as a scarf.
  • Wine Charms - Icords with wire inside make a easy way to tell whose glass is whose.
  • Other Socks: Fox in Socks (two colored and funky, the good kind of funky), Dancing Bamboo Socks, Weavy Way Socks,
  • Other Hats: Happy Hour Cappy, The Ol' Pappy Cappy, Slouchy Hat
  • Other Sweaters: Drunken Sweater (asymmetric... is one sleeve longer than the other?), Fizzy Sweater, Absinthe Sweater, Two Fisted Tank, Cherry Cordial Cardi
  • Other Accessories: Ruff Neck Warmer, Raspberry Wheat Ale Messenger Bag, Sideways Scarf, College Colors Cozies (felted), Wine Bottle Sweater, Wine Cozy (tote with handles), Dishrag Trio, Six-Pack Carrier, Zori Coasters, Leg Warmers, Cowl and Arm Warmers, Hangover Lap Blanket, Whiskey Sour Messenger Bag
This is one of the first books that I've seen that starts with the advanced patterns and moves towards the easier ones. Of course, this fits in well with their theme of knitting and drinking! In between patterns there are tips, such as what to have in your notions bag or how to fix a mistake. Unfortunately, you'd only notice these if you explore the book from end to end, as they're not listed in the contents. This book should not be your first knitting book. Although there are instructions on how to knit in the back, there are no images. (I'm not sure of anyone who could learn to knit from a paragraph!)

I wasn't sure how I'd feel about this book, thinking that at the least this book would make a great novelty book for a knitter. (Friends, too bad I found this before you did!) I love the authors point of view. The comments and descriptions of the patterns are as exciting as the patterns themselves (making this a great book). Some of the patterns are quite plain, but there are some that are so unique and fun that I can gloss over the ones that are more boring. Pick up a copy for yourself or your friend!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Garter for my Wedding

I am getting married next summer, and I wanted to create something to be a part of my day. My friends and I wore garters at our graduation from college, and they fairly itchy. I believe that if I create the garter myself, then I can make it be more comfortable (and I can get my something blue!)

This is my first real LACY LACE project. Cotton is much more likely to slip than wool, and I had some trouble getting started. I then learned about safety lines, a way to keep track of your work in case you need to frog the project (or you loose a stitch), you don't risk ripping out more than you absolutely have to.

If you look closely, you can see little black lines running across the knitting. This is the thread that I used as my safety lines. As I continued with the project, I didn't make safety lines quite as often.

I used size 0 needles, and size 20 crochet cotton (Brand - Aunt Lydia's). I got a bunch of 1/4" satin ribbon for the decoration, 3/8" elastic, and then 7/8" satin ribbon to use as the casing.

I got a bunch of different colors of ribbon on sale at AC Moore. I know that I will find uses for the rest of it!

The circumference of my thigh is about 22 inches (apparently women's thighs range from 13" and 31" in XS and XXL, respectively). I had tried measuring the lace around my leg until I was satisfied, thinking that the lace would stretch during blocking. Turns out the length shrunk! I then made it bigger (increasing from 16 reps to 19 reps) and it is the correct length to go where I want it to on my leg. (The first attempt would fit, just not as high up on my leg as I wanted.)

This project DEFINITELY required blocking.

I wet blocked the garter, pinned it out with many pins to try to get the lace part rounded. When it was mostly dry I starch sprayed the cotton, and let that dry. I then removed the pins, turned the lace over and starch sprayed again.

Two different color options with the ribbons I purchased. I really like the two toned look.

My first attempt at sewing the casing on the back was too loose, so I went back with smaller stitches. I also lightly sewed the lace to the decorative ribbon so there would be no twisting when I sewed the bow.

I pinned the ribbon to the lace so it would

Inside and outside of the garter

There is some puckering of the ribbon in the garter when it is not on a leg, but as soon as the elastic is stretched out no puckering is visible. I think that if I make a larger garter that will have more gathering on my leg, then I will make the decorative ribbon shorter. I am very happy with how the garter came out. It is comfortable and just as beautiful as one you can buy at one of the gazillions of online wedding shops.