Sunday, April 25, 2010

Search for Baby Hat Knitting Patterns that Transform

There are hundreds of free baby hat patterns on the internet. I would be crazy to try to list them all. The search would take me forever. I realized that I was craving to knit baby hats that would make the mama/papa-to-be chuckle. So how many hats are out there like a pumpkin/strawberry/ladybug head? Here are the fruit knit hats, insect knit hats, and who knows what else I'll find! These kinds of baby hats transform, they form costumes. They are also something that would be more appropriate for a child than an adult.

Fruit/Veggie Baby Hat Knitting Patterns
  • Pumpkin Baby Hat 1 - Simple orange knit hat with a green stem. An additional pattern is given for a leaf, but no photo is shown. Hat can be modified for different sizes, but there are not instructions for different diameters, just length.
  • Pumpkin Baby Hat 2 - These have leaves and a bit of a curly vine on top.
  • Pumpkin Baby Hat 3 - rolled brim, stem on top.
  • Pumpkin Baby Hat 4 - Ribbed bottom (most others are stockinette) with a stem on top.
  • Pumpkin Baby Hat 5 and matching booties - You will need to make a free account to Lion Brand. The booties also have leaves on them. Try a brown stem and green leaves like this pattern.
  • Pumpkin Baby Hat 6 - Shown on Twins!! They have a curly stem on top, and the hat bottom is has a green rim on it. Unfortunately, I just realized that this is a crochet pattern. Too bad it is my favorite so far in the pumpkin series.
  • Punkin Baby hat 7 - rolled brim, curly stem on top.
  • Pumpkin Baby Hat 8 (Kurbis Baby Hat) - This is VERY realistic looking. There is a thick rib to make wide sections, and a cute little stem on top.

    With these pumpkin hats, would it be cute to add on a face to make it a jack-o-lantern?

  • Strawberry Baby Hat - This has cables, and spots of pink and green "bleed" into the other sections to create a spotted effect. It is one of the most elegant (and interesting to knit) fruit hats I've found in my search.
  • Strawberry Baby Hat 2 - There is a little stem on top, and green dots throughout the hat make the seeds.
  • Berry Baby Hat - In the color showed, it also looks like eggplant to me. The leafy/stem is knit into the sides of the hat.
  • Eat Your Veggies Baby Hat - Make your tomato, eggplant or other gourd with this pattern.
  • Tomato Baby Beanie - The green top spreads down onto the hat in a way that would make this a good one to adapt to a strawberry, too.
  • California Tangerines Baby Hat - Orange, Rolled Brim with two little leaves on top
  • Pineapple Baby Hat - The texture makes it look like the fruit it is named for. 5 leaves are on top. The picture on the pattern page appears to be gone, but there is a photo on Ravelry.
  • Apple Baby Hat 1 - Simple knit hat with brown stem and green leaf. Sizes in preemie-toddler.
  • Apple Baby Hat 2 - Also with stem and leaf, shown in red and green varieites. Instructions for 4 baby sizes (0-toddler)
  • Apple Baby Hat 3 - Simple knit hat with a stem and two leaves. sizes are given for 6mo-2yr
  • Melonhead Baby Hat- Sizes S, M and L with M fitting 18-20 inch head. 4 colors with beads for seeds, this watermelon slice is juicy enough for any baby.
  • Watermelon baby hat 2 - this one has a cute little pointed top
  • Tutie Cutie Fruity Baby Caps - Make whatever kind of fruit you want, green stem and leaves, change the color of the cap to change the fruit.

Misc Food Baby Hat Knitting Patterns
  • Cherry Pie Baby Hat - This little cherry hat has a HUGE stem and leaf that is detachable, so your little cherry bud won't be dragging around the extra wool.
  • Baby Tart Hat - So yummy looking I could almost eat it! ;) The brim becomes the pie crust, and the crown looks like little berries.
  • Cupcake Baby Hat - Sizing 1-4 years of age. Yummy!
  • Cupcake Baby Hat 2 - There is a cherry on top!
  • Cupcake Baby Hat 3 - Pompom cheery takes the cake. (Sorry I couldn't resist the pun)
  • Cupcake Baby Hat 4 - This one goes a step beyond the cherry, and uses the long skinny beads as sprinkles on this delicious dessert.
  • Candy Corn Baby Hat - There is even a little point on the top!
  • Candy Corn Baby Hat 2 - Shown in child and Adult sizes. You could modify the pattern to fit a younger child.

Plant/Flower Baby Hat Knitting Patterns
  • Green Leaf Baby Hat - All green with a leaf on top. You could modify this to become a fruit of your choice. The leaf is especially well crafted. The hat has a rolled brim.
  • Upside Down Daisy Baby Hat - You will need register for a free account to see the pattern. This flowered hat has a little stem on top.
  • Daisy Top Baby Hat - So I've mostly been ignoring hats that have flower embellishments, but this one fits on this page. It has green grass, a blue sky, little flowers growing up and then a HUGE flower on top of the hat. It is like the baby is growing into the biggest flower of all!
  • Maddy's Bluebell Baby Hat - This upside down flower is one of the more complex patterns that I've found, which makes the shape very interesting. The designer says that you should be comfortable with entrelac.
  • Daffodil Baby Hat - Yellow with a cute green stem on top, and a scalloped brim to be the "petals"
  • Christmas Tree Baby Hat and Elfin Socks - The Tree has tiers on it. Super cute!
  • Xmas Tree Baby Hat 2 - There are triangular shapes sticking out of the shape and a star on top.
  • Flower Fairy Baby Hat - this has a stem on top, looking like you placed a bluebell on the baby's head! English version?
  • Thumbelina Baby Hat - It is like a little pink blossom. There is interesting texture around the head, like a spiral with little leaves on top.
  • Clochette Baby Hat - Although not titled to be a flower hat, it as leaves on top and the brim has petal like shapes that make it look like you plopped a flower on the head of your baby.

Animal Baby
Hat Knitting Patterns
  • Turkey Head Baby Hat - Sized for a 1-yr old. complete with drumsticks. DARLING!
  • Giant Squid Baby Hat - It's a bonnet with two eyes embroidered on and tentacles as the straps to tie it under her chin.
  • Just Ducky Baby Hat (and booties) - Put eyes and a beak on the hat, and flippers on the booties and you've almost got a whole costume! Super cute.
  • Felted Baby Yoda Hat - The ears are big, the hat is army green. There is a tie under the chin to keep this on. I doubt young babies are Star Wars fans, but if you know a parent who is this could make a hit.
  • Panda Baby Hat - You will need to create a free LionBrand account to view this pattern. I don't think this needs much more of a description.
  • Chicken Little Baby Hat - You need to create a free account with lion brand to view this chicken face hat.
  • Doggie Baby Hat - This puppy face has floppy ears and a circle around one eye.
  • Puppy Baby Hat - Floppy ears, single color. Ribbed brim.
  • Baby Bear Beanie - This hat has ears, but no face. Time for facepaint to turn your baby into a bear?
  • Bear Baby Hat 2 - This one has a face!
  • Bunny Baby Hats - You can embroider in the face, or just leave the tiny little bunny ears to speak for themselves.
  • Bunny Baby Hat 2 - Rolled brim, two color ears (pink inside and white outside)
  • Anime Character Top Down Baby Hat - With ears and a face, I'm not quite sure what kind of animal this is, but you can imagine how you could adapt it to be what you want.
  • Itsy Bitsy Spider Baby Hat - Yikes! 8 legs, but only two eyes. It is quite cute on the kid in the picture, not scary at all (the first picture of the hat by itself is a little scary)
  • Froggy Baby Hat with matching booties - The large frog eyes and big smile on top of the hat really makes it an amphibian.
  • Froggy Baby Hat 2 - You need a lionbrand account yadda yadda yadda. This also has eyes on the top of the head and a big smile, but it also has a tongue!
  • Froggy Baby Hat 3 - Made for newborns. Also with eyes that pop out.
  • Dalmatian Baby Hat - Link will take you to this spotted, floppy ear'd hat photo, pattern is linked under the photo.
  • Penguin Pal Baby Hat - This has a penguin face on the front.
  • Rudolph Baby Hat - The nose is red, there are short antlers and adorable little ears!
  • Bee Baby Hat and Booties - The square shaped hat has black and yellow stripes, and two little antennae to make the transformation complete.
  • Bee Baby Hat 2 - With matching jumpsuit... The entire effect is a little startling, but I think the hat would be cute on it's own. You must create a free Lion Brand account to view this pattern.
  • Owl Baby Hat - The eyes of the owl on this hat are huge. There are ear-flaps and a tie under the chin. Too bad the eyes are crochet...
  • Snowman Baby Hat - You will need to create a free Lion Brand account to view this pattern. Coal eyes and mouth, carrot nose.
  • Snowman Baby Hat 2 - Button eyes and the carrot sticks out of the hat
  • Cookie Monster Baby Hat - This super fuzzy hat looks like it is eating the kid!
  • Ladybug baby hat - with Icord antennae and crochet spots.
  • Tiger Kitty Baby Hat - You need a free Lion Brand account. This has stripes, a face and whiskers.
  • Toddler Dino Hat - This looks like a chain mail hood that Knights used to wear. But it is a dinosaur with spikes.

Wow, there are so many of these Transformative baby hats that could be used as a mini costume. I really did not except there to be quite so many, and I'm sure that there are some that I haven't found. Please let me know if I should add anything to this list.


  1. I want to thank you for posts like these! I just search when I need something, but this is so much more effective! And yes, I think making one of them into a Jack-O-Lantern would be adorable!

  2. This is a fantastic list, thank you!

  3. You're very welcome! It was a fun search.

  4. I am wondering if you or anybody else out there has made the Flower Fairy Hat?? I am very confused by the peacock stitch pattern. If I follow what seems to make sense, I lose three stitches per row of pattern and it just doesn't look like the picture. There are no repeats given for the completion of the round. Also, I do not think this is written very well for anyone but the author. Asterisks are place in what seems to be the wrong place for repeats to be followed with confidence.
    I apologize in advance if it is just my own pattern reading abilities preventing me from doing this one. It is so cute, I'd hate to scrap the idea without trying to find successful translations of the pattern.

  5. KnittingPrincess,

    I'm sorry, I've never made that hat before. Without testing the stitch, I would predict tha the repeat is (k1, 1yo, k1, 1yo, 4x k2tog , 4x k1, 1yo) since you end the row with "k1, 1yo, k1, 1yo". Looking closer, it looks like in each repeat you loose 1 stitch (4 k2tog and 3 yo's), so if there are more than 2 repeats (which I'm assuming there are) you would be losing stitches.

    I took a look at the Dutch version and it seems to say the same thing.

    I agree tha the Asterisks are in the wrong places for the decreases of the top of the hat. Instead of K4* K2tog* repeat from *, it should be *K4, K2tog* repeat from * for the numbers to make sense.

    Sorry I can't be more help. Best of luck!

  6. Hi Rebecca,

    thanks for your response. I was able to track down the blog for the author but she has yet to get back to me with the correct order of stitches. Since then I have gone over the pattern so many times my head is spinning! :) I just cannot figure out what it should be. Plus, if I were to do it the way you and I both figured, there would be 8 (K1, yo) combos where the end meets the beginning.
    I have been knitting tiny hats for my not-yet-born twins but really want to make this one for the little girl. I probably seem like I'm obsessing!

    Thank you and happy knitting!!

  7. I understand! There is nothing more frustrating than not being able to figure out what the mistake is. Best of luck!

  8. AHA!!! I think I have figured it out!!! To the best of my logical thinking it should be as follows:
    Peacock Stitch for the Flower Fairy Hat:
    *K2tog four times, (K1, yo) four times* repeat between *'s five more times for a total of six pattern repeats. NO STITCHES LOST THIS WAY!!
    I'm sure this is not technically how you would write the pattern, but without studying how to write it out, this makes the most sense at quick glance.

    Now, once I finish the granny square baby blanket project I've begun I'll try it out.

    Boy, does it feel good to have figured it out!! :)
    Happy yarning!!

  9. I'm glad to hear that you've been able to make it work!

  10. This is a wonderful list! Thank you so much for compiling it. I have several friends' babies to knit for, and I like to keep each baby's gift unique. This list DEFINITELY helps! I can't wait for Christmas....

  11. You're very welcome! Most of my friends are in the getting married stage, so I wanted to be prepared for when the babies started coming along!

  12. I can't see the picture of the owl hat...

    1. I do not own any of the patterns that I've linked to on this page, so unfortunately I do not have control over the images loading properly.

      Best of luck and happy knitting,

  13. Almost all of the patterns I clicked on said that they no longer existed, or that the website was temporarily down for would be really great to get an updated list just like this one. But maybe only having actively available patterns linked onto the list? Just a most of these links proved useless. August 2015

    1. Hey, Jaqui. This post is from 2010 so unfortunately a lot can happen as blogs and other websites go out of business, designers decide to stop offering things for free etc. Occasionally I will update some of my more popular pattern searches (although I haven't done this one yet), and when I do I provide a huge link in the top of the page.

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