Monday, April 19, 2010

Simple Lacy Scarf

This Simple Lacy Scarf was a fast, fun easy project. I finished it in two evenings while watching TV. I used the yarn (Suri Dream) and needle size (15) indicated in the pattern. I was initially surprised by how fuzzy and thin looking the "Super Bulky Weight" Suri Dream was, I didn't realize from the picture how open the weave would be. So although it is not exactly what I expected, I still enjoyed the project.

Suri dream is fuzzy and fluffy. The fluff can make it easy to miss stitches, as they sometimes stick to each other as your're knitting. I learned early on (see mistake below) that I should count the stitches every few rows to make sure I was still on track.

The mistake is circled in blue.

This project went so much faster than my lace weight lacy scarf is coming along. I'm expecting to finish that project in 2015... (I do try to do an inch or so between projects...)

The project curled, but it was easily blocked. Of course, if you wear this scarf tied around your neck, and it gets wet with snow, it will reform in a curled position!

Pre- (left) and Post-blocking (right)

This scarf was warmer than I had expected. It turnted out so long that I wrap it around my neck doubled over three times. It ends up looking like a cute cowl over my jacket.