Tuesday, April 27, 2010

How to Knit Backwards (from Left to Right)

When you are making a small, flat, stockinette piece, it can be annoying to have to turn the work and purl at the end of each row. This is something that is particularly relevant with Entrelac knitting. The answer: Knitting Backwards!

Normally we knit from right to left, so when I say "knit backwards" I mean knitting from left to right. Here are two videos that I made looking at this process.

Knitting Backwards - The Steps
  • The stitches you are going to knit should be on the right handed needle.
  • Insert the Left Hand needle through the back loop of the stitch you want to knit.
  • Wrap the yarn over and around the LH needle (wrap the yarn over the needle where the yarn starts from behind the needle)
  • Bring the old stitch over the new stitch, releasing the old one and leaving the newly formed stitch on the right handed needle.

Video 1: Knitting Backwards (Left to Right) - In this video one row is knit backwards, followed by a forward knitting row. There is then a second knitting backwards row.

Video 2: Knitting Backwards (Left to Right) - This video shows one row knit backwards. The sample is part of an Entrelac project I was working on.