Friday, October 1, 2010

Garter for my Wedding

I am getting married next summer, and I wanted to create something to be a part of my day. My friends and I wore garters at our graduation from college, and they fairly itchy. I believe that if I create the garter myself, then I can make it be more comfortable (and I can get my something blue!)

This is my first real LACY LACE project. Cotton is much more likely to slip than wool, and I had some trouble getting started. I then learned about safety lines, a way to keep track of your work in case you need to frog the project (or you loose a stitch), you don't risk ripping out more than you absolutely have to.

If you look closely, you can see little black lines running across the knitting. This is the thread that I used as my safety lines. As I continued with the project, I didn't make safety lines quite as often.

I used size 0 needles, and size 20 crochet cotton (Brand - Aunt Lydia's). I got a bunch of 1/4" satin ribbon for the decoration, 3/8" elastic, and then 7/8" satin ribbon to use as the casing.

I got a bunch of different colors of ribbon on sale at AC Moore. I know that I will find uses for the rest of it!

The circumference of my thigh is about 22 inches (apparently women's thighs range from 13" and 31" in XS and XXL, respectively). I had tried measuring the lace around my leg until I was satisfied, thinking that the lace would stretch during blocking. Turns out the length shrunk! I then made it bigger (increasing from 16 reps to 19 reps) and it is the correct length to go where I want it to on my leg. (The first attempt would fit, just not as high up on my leg as I wanted.)

This project DEFINITELY required blocking.

I wet blocked the garter, pinned it out with many pins to try to get the lace part rounded. When it was mostly dry I starch sprayed the cotton, and let that dry. I then removed the pins, turned the lace over and starch sprayed again.

Two different color options with the ribbons I purchased. I really like the two toned look.

My first attempt at sewing the casing on the back was too loose, so I went back with smaller stitches. I also lightly sewed the lace to the decorative ribbon so there would be no twisting when I sewed the bow.

I pinned the ribbon to the lace so it would

Inside and outside of the garter

There is some puckering of the ribbon in the garter when it is not on a leg, but as soon as the elastic is stretched out no puckering is visible. I think that if I make a larger garter that will have more gathering on my leg, then I will make the decorative ribbon shorter. I am very happy with how the garter came out. It is comfortable and just as beautiful as one you can buy at one of the gazillions of online wedding shops.