Thursday, May 17, 2012

One Skein Patterns: Crochet Made Simple

I frequently see a beautiful ball of yarn at the yarn store and purchase it without a project in mind. I often don't consider the yardage and that I will need to use it for a small project. (I am getting much better at this now that I have been keeping track of yards consumed in each of my projects!) This is why One Skein knitting books are so important. I have read and reviewed many different one skein knitting and crochet books, but I have never seen a free eBook dedicated to small single skein projects. Imagine my excitement when I was asked to look at the AllFreeCrochet eBook One Skein Patterns: Crochet Made Simple!

Now before I look in this book let me be critical. When I look at one skein patterns, I am hoping to see projects using 50-100g (100-250 yards) of yarn, depending on weight. These are the single skeins that people have laying around that are hard to use up.

The (Full) Patterns Include:
  • A One Skein Wrap - uses Caron International One Pound (454 g - 812 yds): 1 skein
  • How to Crochet a Simple Centerpiece - uses Bernat Softee Chunky (100g - 180 yards): 1 Skein
  • One Skein Wrap (different from A One Skein Wrap above) - uses Caron International One Pound (454 g - 812 yds): 1 skein
  • Cute Bunny - uses Caron International One Pound (454 g - 812 yds): 1 skein
I started writing up about the Crocheted Scarflette (a very cute pattern but isn't a one skein project as shown due to two colors, but I suppose without the scalloped edge you could complete it in a single skein) and how this pattern isn't in the eBook but is linked to from the eBook when I realized that there are 3 patterns linked to outside sources. These patterns are still free, and only one of them requires an account for you to download the pattern.

Patterns Linked to in this eBook
  • Crocheted Scarflette - uses Patons Shetland Chunky Tweeds (85g/ 123 yards per skein... 150-190 yards used in this project according to Ravelry page.) Available as free Ravelry Download
  • Asymmetric Scarf Using One Skein - Uses one skein Lion Brand Homespun (approx. 6 oz, 185 yds) - Available for free on
  • Kid's Earflap Hat - One skein Caron Simply Soft (85 g, 157 yards) Available for free at
These patterns are very cute, but I am very confused by their inclusion in the eBook. I really like the Asymmetric Scarf Using One Skein. I think that it is a great single skein project and deserves recognition as such. For all of my confusion, I am not complaining about this because this is a free eBook!

Here is my complaint: three of the four full patterns in the eBook require a 1 lb skein of yarn. When you have 1 lb (454 g - 812 yds) of yarn, there are many projects you could complete. Did I enjoy the patterns in this eBook? Absolutely. Are these one skein projects? Yes, they just don't help with the 50-100g single skeins I have in my yarn stash.

Despite my complaint of semantics, I really enjoyed the patterns in this eBook. There are two one skein wraps in this book, A One Skein Wrap and One Skein Wrap. I prefer the "A" pattern because it reminds me a bit of snowflakes. The "A-less" wrap has scalloped pattern that is a little less modern, although still really cute. The Simple Crochet Centerpiece is rustic and ruffled and reminds me of a bit of coral. I know that rustic and ruffles don't usually go together, but you can do a lot with this pattern depending on your yarn choice. The centerpiece pattern is accompanied by two videos. Finally, the Cute Bunny is completely irresistible. There are long floppy ears that go to the bunny's hips. This is so cute that I want to go find a lb of yarn and a crochet hook!

When I finish this book, I am feeling very excited. Sure, I am critical over what I consider a single skein project, but that is because of the way the eBook is titled. If I were to focus on the "Crochet Made Simple" aspect of the title, I now have an arsenal of simple, beautiful crochet patterns that I (a crochet beginner) would feel comfortable beginning. I am very happy to have access to such a cute free eBook!

Get free crochet patterns, ideas & special offers + a FREE ebook, “One Skein Patterns: Crochet Made Simple.”