Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Craft of Multicolor Knitting

The Craft of Multicolor Knitting by Barbara G. Walker

I love knitting with multiple colors.  This started out with intentional color selection, but slowly evolved into selecting projects to help me use up yarns in my stash.  The book "The Craft of Multicolor Knitting" goes far beyond most of the colorwork that I do, which is either stranded or intarsia to some really unique uses of color.  

Unfortunately, for a book on color knitting most of the book is in black and white (which is pretty standard for a book printed in the 1970's.)  There is a second in the middle that shows some of the 3+ color items in full color.  Thankfully, the samples are all knit in high contrast black and white.  Unfortunately, it makes it hard to see the stitches in the black portion, but at least you get a good sense of the pattern.

"...there are no patterns for 'Fair Isle' knitting in this book. 'Fair Isle' knitting is plain stockinette stitch, with no texture interest; the designs are made by only alternating colors."  The designs in this book are created by slip stitches and other methods.  These patterns involve not only lots of color, but texture interest.

As you go through the book, the complexity of these designs increases, until you get to some stunning Mosaic Knitting There is even a swatch used pattern that slightly defeated me, or at least frustrated me to the point where I stopped working on it.

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