Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Invincibility Star

As I continue creating some Mario themed crochet amigurumi, I decided that I needed to craft an invincibility star.  In all of the crochet amigurumi I've done up to this point, with little exception, almost everything has been done exclusively in the round. I have very little experience with flat crochet (see Octopus legs and bear scarf.)   

I crocheted this star on a size D (3.25 mm) hook with a remnant yellow Wool of the Andes worsted weight yarn.  The pattern calls for size F, but I was a little concerned about running out of yarn.  The smaller hook should help me preserve some yardage, plus it will still be super cute! 

- Used the magic ring to start
- I didn't join at the end of each round, I crochted the star as a spiral.   (Except for the end of round 5 - I did do a Sl st to end the round.)  

I'm nervous about the SC around the whole edge of the side because I'm not sure what the counts are supposed to be.  I even forgot and cut the yarn at the end of the 5th point.  Maybe 6-7 sc on a side?  I eventually stopped counting and just did what felt natural.  Wow does the simple SC border add a level of refinement to this star!  Just look at the difference.  

I stitched the stars together starting at the top point and then working towards the bottom.  I whip stitched through half of the crochet chain around the edge to make it a little thicker.  

I am so proud of these first real attempts of flat back and forth crochet!  I am now less afraid to tackle other types of projects.  What should I try next?