Saturday, January 18, 2014

Yarn Bowl

This is a goofy thing to make its own post, but I am so excited I couldn't help myself.  I received a yarn bowl for Christmas from my Uncle and Cousins, and I am beside myself with excitement. 

Yarn bowls are great because they keep the ball of yarn from bouncing all over the floor (and getting covered with Indy fur) while you're knitting.  I know that this is going to get a ton of use!  

Did you get anything knitting related for the holidays that you're really excited about? 


  1. Cool! I love the color. I was pretty excited when I received a pair of gloves that have conductive fingertips so I can use my phone while wearing them :)

    1. You can purchase conductive thread so you can sew it into the fingertips of gloves and mittens that you knit. :) I haven't done this yet but plan to in the future.