Monday, April 27, 2015

Book Review - Easy Tatting

Right before baby Lucky was born, I decided to learn a few new fiber crafts.  I picked up some needle felting kits from a yarn expo and ordered a tatting shuttle. (I needed to meet $50 for free shipping from KnitPicks!)  I love the vintage feel of tatted lace, and I think it would be fun to make some pieces in colors for a modern twist. I checked out the book Easy Tatting (Dover Knitting, Crochet, Tatting, Lace) by Rozella F. Linden so I could learn more about what I've gotten myself into.  (Discliamer, Lucky is now 18 months old and I have yet to attempt tatting.)  

It is hard to understand what you do by looking at the step by step photos, but I think that I would have an easier time following along with the shuttle actually in my hand.  The book starts with the basic stitch, and then slowly takes you through slightly more complex patterns building on what you just learned, teaching some other stitch types as you go.  The book finally ends with some rather complex (in my opinion) designs.

I don't know how soon I'll start tatting lace, but it is nice to know that there is a book I want to come back to.  This may not be the easiest book for everyone to follow, there isn't a lot of hand holding explanation.  However with a little focus, I feel like I understand how these pretty lace creations are held together.  I will need to watch some videos to help me get started with the stitches, but as far as projects to start with I think I'll be coming back to this book.  There are some patterns that I would love to create!


  1. I have tried tatting lace in the past (needle tatting not shuttle tatting) and managed to make some cute snowflakes. Maybe I'll give it a try again sometime... when I don't have so many knitting and crochet projects on the go.

    1. My queue and stash are so out of control it is ridiculous. I do really love the dusty purple crochet thread I got to try tatting with. One of these days it will happen!

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