Saturday, June 13, 2015

Monkey Chevron Birthday Banner - FREE PRINTABLE!

My best friends' baby is turning one!  Well she turned one back in April, but I was so excited for this darling baby (and her parents) that I wanted to celebrate even though I lived across the country.  The Mama mentioned that they were having a Monkey themed birthday party so I decided to make a Monkey Banner to hang in my own home to celebrate with them in spirit.

You can download the Monkey Chevron Birthday Banner PDF through Google Drive.  I used the free BANAAN font to create the lettering.  I love the design of these bananay letters!

This banner has the same basic shape as my Dr. Seuss Baby Shower Banner and the Chevron Fish Banner.  Since I was NOT the party host I printed the shapes two to a page for a smaller banner, but you could print one letter per page if you wanted a larger one.

The PDF is 18 pages long and contains all of the pages to cut out monkey faces spelling "Happy Birthday" on alternating yellow and teal chevron backgrounds.  There is a smiling monkey and blank monkey face on each color so you can customize the banner message yourself.

After you've printed out the banner, just cut along the dotted line and tape or stable the letters to some ribbon. 

I used some of the blank monkey faces to create a card to send to the birthday girl.  I debated whether I should send the PDF I created directly to the parents of the birthday girl, but I didn't want to intrude on their party plans.  I know that I had put in a ton of effort to plan out ever detail for Lucky's under the sea birthday party and am not sure how I'd feel if someone else sent me a banner that I felt obligated to use.


We hung this up in our living room and took pictures and videos with it to wish the little one a happy birthday.  

I hope you enjoy this free printable birthday banner!