Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Moving Again - Rushing to Get Stuff Done

I'm moving again.  For the first time, however, our stuff is going into storage while we wait to move into our new residence.  This means that my yarn is going into storage!  I will be without it for at LEAST a month.  Not just my yarn, my spinning wheel, fiber, needles, EVERYTHING.  I have so many things that I want to get done before we move, because I've been meaning to get them done for a long time.

On 5/3/2015, I posted the following on the ChemKnits Facebook page to give myself some accountability (edited to add #'s.)

Goals Before I Move (and the stash goes into storage):
  1. Finish my hibernating beaded shawl that I started before Lucky was born.
  2. Finish spinning my 2ply luxury Into The Whirled fiber (spinning very thin so it is taking a long time. Hoping for 2 py fingering in the end)
  3. Finish 1 and start a second stashbusting crochet project. 
  4. Figure out what to bring from my supplies to serve the projects I need to complete while in limbo.
  5. Pack my own yarn and fiber - no "professional packer" is touching my stash! 
  6. Order yarn to meet me at my destination
  7. Film one more dyeing video (can edit during limbo.)
Sound possible?  

Now I probably should add to this list things like, add all yarn to my Ravelry stash (or at least handspun)... but that is just unreasonable when I only had a few weeks left to go.  Maybe when I set up my stuff in the new home I can catalog everything...  

I'm happy to say that starting this list has lit a fire under my butt and I started checking things off of my list.  
  1. On 5/4/2015 (May the Fourth be with You), I finished #1 realizing how silly it was for me to let something hibernate when I was that close to finishing it.  
  2.  FAILED. On 5/16 finally brought my wheel back out.  I got through almost half of the second spindle but then got knocked on my butt with things to prepare for the move.  Unfortunately, I failed to complete #3.  
  3. On 5/3/2015, I technically completed #3 by finishing a stashbusting crochet project and starting a second, although I want to finish that second small project before we leave.  On 5/5/2015 I finished the second one.  
  4.  Finished 5/17.  This one has been on going.  In mid May I started a bag that I would bring with me to Massachusetts to put yarn I would need for certain projects.  This step is also very related to #6.  
  5. Completed 5/19/2015.  Most of the fiber was in boxes for a while but I waited to close the boxes until the last possible moment.  
  6. Completed 5/4/2015.   I'm always hesitant to finalize a KnitPicks purchase because I am almost guaranteed to remember something else I needed right after I click submit.  I also have to vent because I needed to order a second ball of yarn for a very special project to do while I'm in housing limbo, but the pattern's page on Ravelry has no yardage information.  I hate overbuying yarn for a project, but I'd rather over buy than under buy!  Additionally, this extra ball of yarn got me to $50 free shipping without adding something extra to my card. 
  7. FAILED.  On 5/12/2015 I decided to let this one go.  I love making dyeing videos (and I know you all love them, too!) but there just isn't time left for me to film and let the fiber dry.  I am supposed to be putting things away and letting fiber sit out for a few days is feeling counter productive.  

Let's talk about packing.  This move is a little different because our stuff is going into storage.  This means that I have to let my fiber OUT OF MY CONTROL and worry about it being damaged by rain and other stuff.  I therefore am putting all of my fiber in clean trashbags to protect it.  A lot of my yarn lives in gallon sized ziplock bags to help keep things organized.  This makes it much easier to find what I'm looking for, plus protects it from spills.  I hope to have a whole new system in the new house.  

Bye bye yarn.  See you in a number of weeks when we're ready to unpack you in our new home.  Maybe then I'll finally inventory everything....  (Laughter is filling the halls right now!)