Monday, August 17, 2015

1,2,3 Sew!

Rebecca, why are you reviewing a sewing book?  You have no idea how to sew?  (That isn't quite true, I can do some basic repairs... but fine I don't know how to sew.)  That's part of the point... I don't really know how to sew and I want to learn!  One of my first treats* after buying our house will be a sewing machine and I want to use this book to help me learn the basics.
*After important things, like law mowers, have been dealt with.  

I'm not sure I would have gone with a book at all, but the book 1, 2, 3 Sew: Build Your Skills with 33 Simple Sewing Projects by Ellen Luckett Baker came highly recommended by a friend who is also trying to learn to sew.  This spiral bound book contains a series of projects to help you learn different techniques and even contains a pocket full of patterns so you can cut things correctly!  (I am still afraid of cutting fabric... I'll have to get over that eventually.)

Given that my sewing lately has been by hand or with fabric glue (sorry all of you stitchers out there!  I didn't want to sew my pillow shams by hand!)  I am really excited by this book. The first projects are tea towels and napkins that will teach you how to hem with folded and mitered corners.  Each project builds on the skills learned in a previous project, until you are making bags and skirts and maybe even a toy!

Not every project in this book is something I would want to own or use in my house, but I can see the value in them to learn a skill.  Do I want tea towels for my kitchen?  No, but Lucky might want some in his (soon to be purchased) play kitchen.

Learning to sew will be more than just an exploration of a new craft for me.  I hope to gain a skill that will be useful in our home.  I love making costumes and have so far made some awesome things without a sewing machine, imagine what I could do if I learn to follow a pattern?  (I am not interested in learning to make clothing for adults, but baby garments and costume accessories seem reasonable to me.)  

Hopefully within the next year I'll be able to start sharing my progress with all of you!  First I need a sewing machine.  Any recommendations?