Saturday, September 26, 2015

Space Dyeing a Cake of Yarn with Easter Egg Dye Pellets

Easter egg dyeing kits are so much fun for dyeing yarn.  The food coloring is packaged in little dried pellets with some citric acid and are perfect for space dyeing yarn.  I love making asymmetric cake dyed yarns but I've never tried it out while using Easter Egg dye pellets (PAAS Color Cups).

I've always wanted to put dye in the middle of a cake of yarn.  With liquid dyes the only option would be to use a syringe or something to apply dye to the center.  The Easter Egg Pellets are a perfect solution, if I slip some inside the cake then more dye will penetrate the yarn.  Watch the video to see how it turns out!  (Or check out the spoilers below.)

If you want to try some space dyeing of yarn cakes, what can you do if you can't get your hands on Easter Egg dyeing kits?  Why not try freezing some concentrated food coloring to insert into a cake of yarn.

Top of the cake
Bottom of the cake
I am really excited with the way this yarn came out.  Can you think of any other fun experiments I could do with these Easter Egg Pellets?  I still have more kits to play with in my stash!
The final asymmetric gradient