Thursday, October 1, 2015

A Search for Thanksgiving Crochet Patterns

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays, and not just because of the amazing feast my mom creates. I enjoy the opportunity to relax (by cooking in a hectic kitchen) and spend time with my family. There is no better way to get into a holiday by bringing crafts related to that holiday into your home. In this post, I share a number of free Thanksgiving themed crochet patterns that you can use to get into the Thanksgiving spirit.

Free Turkey Crochet Patterns

  • Turkey Talk Afghan
    This beautiful crochet afghan is in fall colors and has tiny decorative turkeys on it. (Very tastefully done.)
  • Turkey Hand applique
    "[The designer's] applique tribute to the time honored Thanksgiving tradition of the hand-outline turned Tom Turkey." This turkey really is shaped like a hand.
  • Turkey Butt Pin/Fridgie
    There is no face to this turkey, it is pretty much the silhouette of the back of a turkey (a circle with the feathers around it.)
  • Crocheted Turkey
    A simple, cartoonish amigurumi turkey.
  • Thanksgiving Turkey Crochet Pattern
    This turkey toy contains more shape definition, it has a neck, wings and a fan of a tail.
  • Turkey Flake
    It's no snowflake... it's a turkey flake! The snowflake morphs into the turkey's tail.
  • Bev's Turkey Fridgie 
    "This cute turkey can be made to wear as a pin or for a fridgie magnet. Give them as gifts to brighten someone’s day."
  • Surly Turkey Kitty 
    This turkey crochet pattern amuses me. Instead of a turkey body, you have a cat body with a turkey tail! You will need to create a free Ravelry account to view this pattern.
  • Gobble-gobble Turkey Applique 
    A quick and tiny 2D turkey crochet pattern.
  • Tom Turkey 
    This stuffed turkey toy contains more substantial wings and feet than some of the other toys.
  • Crochet Turkey 
    It appears as thought this 2D turkey crochet pattern requires the fewest number of stitches of any of the patterns in this list.
  • Gobble Coaster 
    A coaster in the profile of a turkey.
  • Fall Leaves with Turkey Wreath Free Pattern 
    This 2D turkey is completely 2D (rather than having a 2D body with a 2D head sewn on top of it.

Free Thanksgiving Crochet Patterns

Free Pumpkin Crochet Patterns

If you want to get ready for Halloween, too, then you can add a face onto these pumpkins to convert them to Jack-o-Lanterns.

When the platform Squidoo existed, ChemKnits did multiple focused free knitting and crochet pattern searches.  These "lenses" were migrated to Hubpages at the end of 2014, but the Hubpages platform does not like Hubs that contain multiple links, especially if these links go to the same site (such as Ravelry.)  I am reposting the search here on ChemKnits.  I did all of the searching to find this list myself, and the descriptions are of my own writing unless otherwise noted.  Please let me know if any of the links are broken, I am working to migrate many pattern searches at once and may have missed one.