Thursday, October 27, 2016

Duckie Woobie

Remember when I could finish a woobie in a week? (Maybe not, but if you pay really close attention to my Ravelry projects then you might!) When I look back to my knitting projects of 2012 and 2013 I get a little jealous because I just had so much time with my yarn and needles.  I've been good about not adding too much yarn to my stash except for a very specific project, but my queue of specific projects is growing and I just haven't had time to finish everything.

For example, I finished the Puppy Woobie after the baby had been born when I started it with PLENTY of lead time.  The problem is that I cast on after Rowdy was born and it is hard to knit with a 4 month old in my lap who is interested in "helping" by poking himself with my needles.  I had almost finished the Puppy woobie within a week of Buddy Once's birth.  Instead of finishing it straight up I decided to cast on for Baby R2's woobie.  I figure it is a bit of a win if I can cast on before he/she is born sometime in May.  (Who knows, maybe he/she is being born RIGHT NOW!  It is baby watch time, after all!)

The Duck Woobie pattern is part of the Woobie Pattern Collection - Series 2.  Thus far I've only completed the Woobie Unicorn from this set so I'm excited to add another finished object to my project archive.

From the Puppy Woobie I made note to save at least 3.5 arm spans to have enough of a long tail for the 300 stitches cast on.  

Welcome to the world, Baby E!  You were born within 36 hours of my starting this project and I found out you had entered the outside world when I was knitting on your blankie.  Welcome to the world happy baby!

Lucky has gotten really into playing with his Zebra Woobie lately, and giving Rowdy his unicorn to "play" with, too.  The picot edge of these woobies take the longest amount of time but it is so snugly and gives the edges such weight that it is absolutely worth it.

Like the other woobies I've knit in these collections, I slipped the first stitch of decrease rounds and did a center double decrease (CDD) with the last two stitches and the slipped stitch.  When I hit the round to add extra decreases, I followed what I did with the unicorn woobie - S1, K 15, CDD, K14, CDD around.

I was wrong when I said that there were no fiddly bits.  Turns out the beak is knit separately.  However it is an easy small piece to knit and not super fiddly so I'm not too upset about this discovery.  I should have read the pattern closer before jumping to conclusions!  

For all of the fiddly bits I've done on these woobies, the beak is my favorite.  It was super easy to attach and looks great.  

The embroidered eyes were more complex than most of the other embroidery.  I'm going to start with just white eyes and then see what I think from that.  

I finished this project just in time for baby E's christening.  Wahoo!  

The duckie had one evening to snuggle with Lucky's zebra and Rowdy's unicorn before heading off to his new home.