Thursday, January 19, 2017

Some Classic Christmas Stockings

Four years ago, a family friend asked me to replicate stockings that grandmothers and great-grandmothers had previously knit for the family.  So far I've knit stockings for two spouses and 3 grandchildren, and now there are two new babies who need stockings for the holidays!  

I was so excited to wrap these stockings that I didn't take a picture of them blocked.  Whoops!  

I kept nice yardage notes for all of the other stockings.  This is my 6th and 7th stocking in this pattern.  Well, the last time I made 3 stockings and kept track of the total yardage for all three.  I know that I have enough yarn for this project with over 2 skeins of each color in my stash.  Now I just have to get knitting and finish up the charts for Baby E.

Our family and friends holiday party last year was on December 18.  I really felt the deadline breathing down my neck as I waited almost until the last possible minute to finish up these stockings. 

I did have some fun sharing images on instagram along the way.  

For once the dozens of loose ends didn't bother me at all.  I knew that I was going to be able to finish these stockings in time for Christmas for one of my favorite families in the world.  

Silly me, I forgot to take final pictures of the blocked stockings. I was so focused on making sure they were dry so I could wrap them and give them to the parents/grandparents that I forgot to take my photo!  I did take some time to weigh the final stockings, and believe it or not the stockings had a final (woven in stitched up) weight difference of 0.1 g!  Simon's stocking weight 69.9 g, Ethan's stocking 70.0 g and I had 3.9 g of loose ends.  

Make sure you check out the full free knitting pattern of the Richter Family Christmas Stockings!  There are more details of the construction in this original post.  

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