Thursday, April 20, 2017

Harry Potter Sweater Beer Cozy

Sometimes I stumble across a quick project that is PERFECT for someone in my life.  When the project requires specific colors that I happen to have in my stash I get extra excited.  The Harry Potter-Inspired Beer Sweater is just this type of project.  I love Harry Potter and I have all of the colors that I need in my stash.  Let's get crocheting!

For this project, I used a size H (5.0 mm) crochet hook and KnitPicks Wool of the Andes worsted weight yarn in Chestnut (brown; 2 g, 6 yards), Semolina (yellow; 3 g, 8 yards), White (6 g, 14 yards), Coal (Black; 1 g, 2 yards), and Currant (Maroon; 6 g, 13 yards).  I use white and black WOTA in so many projects that these aren't technically remnant.  If I use them up I'm going to replace them as soon as I can.  I also need to reorder a maroon and yellow to make a specific project... but I DID technically make this project out of yarn I already had in my stash so that is something.  

I finished the base of the beer cozy during naptime one afternoon.  The designer glued the glasses onto the cozy but I think I want to stitch the crochet chains on.  I probably could have done an applique chain stitch to embroider the glasses on, but why not just make a chain and stitch it on.

I love a quick little project.   The instructions were written out plus the designer provided a chart to follow for the color rows.  It was super easy to follow.  This is an adorable pattern, I'm not sure why more people haven't made it yet on Ravelry.

I'm really happy with this fast little project.  If I were going to do this again I would sew the glasses so they were a little rounder versus looking like an infinity symbol.  Hopefully the intended recipient will enjoy her present!  (And hopefully she doesn't read the blog so it doesn't get spoiled!)