Monday, July 17, 2017

Science Love Applique - Last Minute March for Science Shirts

I ordered some adorable kids shirts for the March for Science Boston.  Unfortunately due to a mistake by the manufacturer, the shirts that were guaranteed to arrive before the March arrived the day of the march.  We received the cute observer make way for ducklings shirts right after we got home from the March for Science Boston.

The night before the March, I decided to quickly make the boys some shirts.  The forecast for April 22 was rainy, so the boys would be wearing jackets over their shirts anyway, but I still wanted to have some more science spirit on (besides just the GENEie hats and headbands we were all wearing.)  I still had fabric left over from my chemistry skirt.  With a simple heart, we could easily create some Love for Science shirts!

I drew some hearts freehand on the back of some two sided fusible web.  The scale of the fabric is pretty large, os it was hard to get some complete shapes in the hearts, but I think that I was able to get some nice placement in the end.  

Lucky helped me with this project.  I let him pick which heart he wanted on his shirt and he hung out with me while I did the ironing and sewing.  

I think that the whole project took me about 15 minutes, and that is a generous estimate.  I didn't even take any notes for this post!  I'm not sure exactly what settings I used with the zigzag stitch, but clearly I did it loosely and didn't go for a satin stitch.  

Super cute, right?  I am really enjoying making the boys machine applique shirts.  I know that I will make many more in their futures. 

The morning of the March for Science, it was time for me to take some pictures of the boys in their outfits.  With the rain on the forecast, I wasn't going to be able to photograph their shirts at the march itself, so I wanted to get some pictures before we left.  The boys decided to be goofy and do some yoga.  The picture is one of my favorites ever... even if you can't see their shirts.  

Lucky was so excited, that he nearly levitated during his "CHEEESE!"

Sometimes I only get one shot I like, but more often that not I get so many adorable pictures of the boys I have trouble choosing one.  After getting all of these great shorts I realized that I should have put their GENEie headbands on for the pictures, so I got the first picture of this post.  

Now that it is July, I'm realizing that I need to start thinking about Lucky's birthday shirt.  October is right around the corner, right?