Friday, August 18, 2017

Perler Critical Role

As part of my "melted bead extravaganza", I decided to make some 8-bit Critical Role coasters for my brother for his birthday (Happy Birthday, Dasbif!) I used Perler beads for the body and faces but then the Pyssla beads for the black borders (including between the head/body and arms/body.)  I started running low on sand/peach colored beads for the skin tones I ended up picking up a neutrals tray after all.  

The original artist, Marjolijn Makes, made the Critical Role characters out of mini perler beads so they could be used as little charms.   Using the standard sized beads these Critical Role characters are perfect as coasters.  I hope my brother loves them!

I still can't decide which side I like better, the melted size or the intact side.  Should I melt both sides?  I'm not sure.  We'll see what J says.  Happy Birthday!  


  1. Love them! They look great as coasters in a slightly bigger size. I'm a big fan of ironing two sides simply for stability, I've had a few sprites break because they were only ironed on one side... You could also glue some thin cork to the bottom to make them scratch and slipproof. I hope your brother loves them and happy birthday to him! Thanks for the shoutout, I always love to see what others make ;)

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