Saturday, September 14, 2019

2019 ChemKnits Chanukah Sampler Prorders are Open!

Preorders for the 2019 ChemKnits Chanukah Yarn Samplers are now available in the ChemKnitsCreations Etsy Shop!  Every night of Chanukah (Starting 12/22/19), I will release a new yarn dyeing video that will correspond to one of the wrapped 10 g miniskeins in the samplers. You can touch, inspect up close, swatch, and knit with the yarn.  Each night will feature a different dyeing technique.  

Check out the listing for full details, but I wanted to go through some of the features of these samplers here on the ChemKnits blog.  

The videos will all be available on the ChemKnits Tutorials YouTube Channel through the 2019 Chanukah Special PlaylistThe playlist is currently empty, but it will fill up once the series starts.  
The first night of Chanukah is Dec 22, 2019 and the last night is Dec 30, 2018.  I will release each dyeing video (1-8) after sunset EST on the corresponding night of Chanukah.  There will also be some bonus videos that will be released after night 8. All of the yarn dyeing tutorial videos will be publicly available on the ChemKnits Tutorials YouTube Channel.  

Sampler Options

There are a few different options for the Chanukah Samplers.  Choose between DK weight and Fingering weight yarn.  All of the yarn in the sampler is 75% Superwash Merino / 25% Nylon (DK 245 yards / 100 g; Fingering 463 yards / 100 g).  You can choose between a full 8 night sampler (100 g total) or a half 4 night sampler (40 g total) in either of the yarn bases.  

4 Night Sampler - 4 wrapped miniskeins that correspond to either nights 1-4 or 5-8 of Chanukah. All wrapped packages will be labeled with the date to open them.  First Class Shipping within the US is included in the sampler price.  Why provide a half sampler?  Samplers can get expensive, and I wanted to provide an option for people who wanted to receive a sampler but couldn't justify purchasing the full sampler.  

8 Night Sampler - 8-10 wrapped miniskeins that correspond to nights 1-8 of the Chanukah Special.  There will be bonus miniskeins that feature "Leave No Dye Behind" yarn created as part of the series.  Some of these may be featured in bonus videos that will take place the week of Chanukah.  8 Night samplers also include some fun extras in addition to the yarn itself.  First Class Shipping within the US is included in the sampler price.  

When will the samplers ship?

The 2019 Chanukah Samplers will ship in mid-late November so they can arrive by the first night of Chanukah.  International Buyers - I cannot guarantee the shipping time since customs processing times can vary even if you upgrade to priority shipping.  

Are there any limited edition colorways? 

Yes!  If you purchase a sampler, you can add on a full skein (or multiple) of a limited edition 2019 Chanukah Yarn Colorway! (See the separate Etsy listing for full details.) Both options will include superwash wool (breed TBD) and maybe nylon.  The Sparkle Yarn will also include either Stellina or Lurex to give it some extra shine.  Each yarn base will feature a different colorway.  You are welcome to order multiple of either/both, and I will do my best to match dye lots.  First Class shipping is included in the price of the add-on skeins.


Do I need to be Jewish to purchase the sampler?
No! You don't need to be Jewish to celebrate Chanukah with me. I invite all of you to celebrate with me and my family.  Last year I made a little video sharing some of my family's Chanukah Traditions.  If people are interested, I can create another one this year.  We are a multi-faith family, so we celebrate both Chanukah and Christmas in our home.  

Can all of the minis be used in one project?  Is this a fade set?  
All of the miniskeins will feature the same 75% Superwash Merino / 25% Nylon yarn base in either Fingering Weight or DK weight.  These can easily be combined in one project, however they are not being dyed with a specific fade or colorwork project in mind.  There will be a variety of dye techniques on each of the minis ranging from speckles, semi solids, and more.  

What kinds of techniques will you use?  What kinds of dye? 
The videos will feature both food coloring and commercial dyes (acid dyes and maybe some others.)  As for the techniques... that is a surprise!  #Nospoilers

Can I order more than one sampler? 
Yes!  There will definitely be some overlap in the colors, but there could be some differences on some nights.  

Can I order two 4-Night samplers to get a full one? 
No.  If the 8-night sampler is sold out in the yarn base you want, but there are some 4-night samplers available, DM me and I can combine it for you.  4-Night samplers have 40 g of yarn, the 8 night samplers have 100 g of yarn plus some fun extras.  

You are welcome to order multiple 4-Night samplers, but you could receive multiple nights 1-4 etc.  

Can you accommodate color preferences? 
Unfortunately, no.  All of the colors will be a surprise.  There might be some variation between different samplers depending on the type of technique that I used.  But it is completely random which miniskeins end up in which box.  

Are there other terms and conditions?
Yes - please see the 2019 Chanukah Sampler listing for full details.  


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