Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Pattern Archive, Continued

Thus continues the archive of fun, free knitting patterns that I (mostly) found on the web.

Miniature Candy Stocking
I made a bunch of these stockings for "stocking stuffers" one Christmas. This pattern was an easy, and FAST, way to use up some remnant yarn. They were a big hit when the receivers took them out of the stockings. The loop on the end of the stocking would allow these to double as Christmas Tree Ornaments.

Ribbed Hat Pattern
The color of the hat reversed, this should be blue, not orange. I used 100 sts instead of 80, and modified the decreases correspondingly. This is a basic hat, but is very functional and I have gotten a lot of use out of it.

Wool-Ease Sock Pattern
Although these look like good boot socks, the worsted weight yarn is a little thick and textured for hiking socks. They work well as bed socks or even wearing under the felted slippers (see below for picture.) I made these for a gift (Christmas 2007), and am currently working on a pair for myself in blue.

Mobius Strip Scarf
You can purchase this pattern from the Lion Brand website, or it comes free in some balls of the Wool-Ease Chunky Yarn. It is simple, a garter stitch scarf whose ends are sewn together with a twist. Since this scarf is a circle, it is shorter (and therefore a faster project) than most scarves. This scarf would make an impressive last minute gift.

Diamond Pattern Throw Blanket requires a log-in, but they have a number of free and interesting patterns. This was the biggest project of my life up to this point, mainly due to the amount of repitition. I made a sweater in highschool (unfortunately I don't have any good pictures of that to put in here, maybe I'll find it next time I go visit my parents) but each section of that went quickly in comparison. If I had worked on it steadily, I would have been able to finish it within a month. Instead, I worked on it only during breaks from college, so it took me more than four years.

Aside from the time this blanket took me to complete, I absolutely love it and crave the construction of other afghans!

Felted Slippers
I found that the cuff of the slippers did not constrict as much as the length. Cuffing the slippers helped with the fit. These are very warm, and are perfect for keeping feet warm in a cold basement! They also work well for sliding along wood floors.

Ireland Flag Pillow
This project was the result of a request to knit my boyfriend an Irish Flag for his birthday. Little did he know that I would come through!

I knit three stripes (each about 6" long by 12" wide, making a 12" x 18" rectangle) and then sewed the flag into a cylindrical pillow, gathering the ends and stuffing with batting. The resulting effect is a lot like a sausage. I may have had better luck if I had felted the pillow, then the batting would not have shown through as much. It does make a good weapon in pillow fights!