Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Sampler Afghan

I selected this booklet, a sampler afghan made up of 20 - 12"x12" to teach myself how to do cables. Since this blanket would only be 4'x5', and I really wanted something larger, I ordered enough yarn to make 30 squares (making a 6x5 blanked). I am about 17 squares in, and am ready to move on to another project. (I usually have a rule that I can only have one project in progress at a time, but I let each square count as a mini-project or else I would never get my holiday presents completed!)

What should I do with 15 extra balls of fisherman's wool if I decide to call it quits at 20 squares? I am either 85% done (20 squares), or just over 50% done (30 squares).

Ultimately, I've learned that 1) cables are not hard and 2) when you crochet you have to hold the yarn WAY more loosely than when you knit since there is less give in the stitches.