Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Search for the perfect Ear Flap Hat

UPDATE 2/23/2012 - The Search for the Perfect Earflap Hat has been updated to include dozens of newly discovered patterns!  Follow the link to see the new list.  

When I was traveling through London, Bath and Bristol, there were many styles of Peruvian ear flap hats (aka Chullu, Chullo, or Ch'ullu). I personally through that £10 (about $15) was too much for a hat that I would like to make myself. The problem that I have come across is that there are actually limited free patterns available that I could locate. I think my plan is to take one of the basic patterns, and design my own colored design. Below I have listed many of the (adult) ear flap hats that I could locate. I have not attempted any of the patterns, I am just consolidating a list.

  • 4 Chullo Patterns - Four different patterns, all in one place!
  • Zig Zag ear flap hat - Tri-color with a zigzag like pattern separating two of the colors.
  • Lion Brand Ear Flap Hat - Textured, not color blocked (You need an account to access the pattern)
  • Lion Brand Ear Flap Hat 2 - This is also textured, with a single color. It has a cuff that goes above the ear flaps.
  • Knitty's Vinter Lue - This is getting closer to what I've been looking for. Shown in two colors, with different patterns up and down the hat. The pattern uses a double strand, so it may work with chunky yarn. It could be fun to add more colors to the pattern.
  • ABC Ear Flap knit hat - this one is not a traditional chullo, but more reminiscent of a bonnet.
  • $5.00 Cable knit ear flap hat - if you like to buy patterns, this is a cute textured one
  • Knitty's Cross Country Chullo - The pattern has cute skiers around the hat, and snowflakes on the ears.
  • Basic Ear Flap Hat - One color, no texture. The ears are continuous, they do not get sewn on after.
  • Blue Whoville hat with ear-flaps - one color, textured.
  • $4.99 Andean Chullo Hat Pattern - Knitpicks includes the yarn you need with the pattern in this handy kit. It is of the create your own adventure variety, so you can vary how the patterns go up the hat. Note, this kit has sold out as of April 2009, but the pattern is available for purchase. You now also have the extended freedom to choose the yarn colors that you want.
  • Cabled ear-flap hats - one color, textured.
  • Ear flap hat - this is not of the chullo variety, but the ear flaps curl out in a cute way. Single color.
  • Roman ear flap hat - this hat has a single color with texture, but in a more structured "classical" way.
  • Ch'ullu Hat - this one looks very authentic, from a "knitting biologist." I may try to adapt this pattern to a chunkier wool.
  • Peruvian Llama Hat - As the title suggests, the pattern creates little llamas on the hat.
  • Camo ear flap hat - this could serve as a template to design your own pattern. Has detailed pictures of each step of the knitting process.
  • Ear flap hat - two colors, will calculate and update the number of stitches you need in each step based on the gauge you enter! I have not tested the calculator, but this is a neat idea for people who create patterns.
  • Knitted toque with earflaps - recommended for knitters with some experience.
  • Alpaca Peru Hat and Mitts with Fur trim - just as the title implies, the hat and mittens have a fur trim. Without trim, solid color.
  • Chullo Hat pattern - contains both plain hat and hat with a llama pattern. The pattern is more guidelines, but there are some good color charts for traditional patterns and an American flag chullo.
  • Fair Isle Toddler Chullo Hat - In this list, I have mostly ignored children and baby hat patterns, but the vibrant colors in this hat are inspiring.
  • Chullu Chart: Letters of the alphabet - From A-Z, incorporate letters or initials into your chart. This link will result in automatic download of the PDF.
  • Hardcore Earflap Hat - New 10/16/2010 Chunky and looks really warm. A simple charted pattern around the sides.
If or when I start designing my own Chullo, you'll be the first to know!

(Want to find more Earflap Hat knitting patterns?  Check out the updated search 2/23/2013!)


  1. Wow, you have a great list. I have been on my own search and found similar patterns, nothing that really stands out from what you have. Good luck on your search!

  2. I wish I could find a website where you pick the pattern and color and they make it

  3. Like others, I've been searching for earflap hat patterns, and, while I think I google quite well, I had only come across a handful of your selection. Thank you!

  4. You're very welcome! I started doing these searches for myself when I wanted to make something, and then I realized that they could help out other people, too.

  5. Wow, you have a lot of links. They may even be good links, however since there are no thumbnails and it would take too long to click on every one of them, I'll never know.

  6. I started ChemKnits because of this post. I wanted to make an Earflap hat, and I was having trouble finding patterns. I started making a list in Word of the patterns I found with brief descriptions to help me keep track of the patterns. I realized that other people might benefit from the work I did assembling the patterns.

    I'm sorry that you think it's too many links. I tried to share every free Earflap hat knitting pattern I could find. I love platforms where you can have thumbnails. Unfortunately I cannot get permission from all of the authors to include thumbnails in these posts, and taking the images without their permission would be copyright violations.

    Best of luck to you in your knitting projects! I hope you find what you're looking for.

  7. Roust,

    Im sure it was very disappointing for the blogger to read your comment. I was decidedly sad to read it as I can imagine the time and effort it took to supply such a list.

    To the blogger. Cudos to you for helping out us fellow knitters. You have saved me a lot of research time in looking for that perfect elusive pattern. Thank you so much!!!

  8. Cindy,

    You're very welcome! It is my pleasure to put together these types of posts.

  9. Have you tried many of them? I have not yet decided which to attempt. For a while I was concentrating on making slippers for a woman's shelter. I have made 52 pair of various sizes. Next I am working on scarves and hats.

  10. I have not tried any of these directly, but I did make an earflap hat based off of a free Harry Potter pattern:

    I combined a few patterns to make the ear flaps, and while it fit me well, I always forget that Keith's head is larger than mine!

  11. Very helpful. I too wished to make a fun ear-flappy chullo (with llamas!) and you've really found some great things. Thank you!

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